Reverse 1999 Afflatus Type Guide: All Weaknesses and Resistances

Afflatus adds a layer of strategic depth to the combat

by Davi Braid
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Knowing all Afflatus types and how they affect the weaknesses and resistances of each character is crucial in Reverse: 1999.

Afflatus determines an Arcanist’s elemental class. Each character is tied to one of the existing Afflatus of the game. This is a characteristic that adds the strategic layer needed to make turn-based RPGs more exciting. Although things might get complex as you learn the game, we’re here to help!

How Afflatus Works in Reverse: 1999

There are six different types of Afflatus, each with its own unique weaknesses.

AfflatusDeals 30% More Damage ToTakes 30% More Damage From

Although Afflatus types do not provide resistance to damage, they can be the weakness of an enemy. This creates the following circle: Beast > Plant > Star > Mineral > Beast. Note that Spirit and Intellect are out of that circle. They work differently and deal 30% extra damage to one another.

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Since Reverse: 1999 uses card game mechanics, it’s important to note that Incantation Cards also come in one of the six Afflatus mentioned above. This is a strategic element that you must consider when deciding which enemy to take down and which Afflatus to use based on theirs. All of the combat mechanics in Reverse: 1999 are interconnected. You can’t simply choose a card without considering factors like Afflatus, damage type, Moxie, and more. This is what adds depth and makes the combat fun in this game.

How to Find Your Character’s Afflatus in Reverse: 1999

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To identify your character’s Afflatus in Reverse: 1999:

  1. Start from the game’s and tap on crew.
  2. From there, select the Arcanist whose Afflatus you want to check.
  3. Once on their page, check the symbol located at the top left.

It’s near the character’s name, right above its stars. Alternatively, just look for the Arcanist’s name in the table below.

All Arcanists’ Afflatus in Reverse: 1999

BeastBunny Bunny, Centurion, Darley Clatter, Dikke, Leilani, Medicine Pocket, Melania, Nick Bottom, Pavia, Shamane, Sweetheart, Tennant
PlantAn-an Lee, Bkornblume, Changeling, Diggers, Druvis III, Eagle, Kanjira, La Source, Rabies, Satsuki, Sotheby, 3има
Star37, AliEn T, APPle, Baby Blue, Blonney, Charlie, Erick, Lilya, Matilda Bouanich, Oliver Fog, Regulus, Sputnik, The Fool, Tooth Fairy, TTT, Voyager
MineralBalloon Party, Bweette, Black Dwarf, Cristallo, Eternity, Horropedia, Mondlicht, Ms. Moissan, Ms. New Babel, Necrologist, ONiON , Pickles , Sonetto
SpiritA Knight, Click, Ms. Radio, Poltergeist, Twins Sleep
Intellect6, Door, John Titor, Mesmer Jr., X

- This article was updated on October 26th, 2023

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