Riders Republic: All Bike Tricks List

From simple spins to Tuck No Handers; every bike trick in Riders Republic

by Thomas Cunliffe
Performing a bike trick in Riders Republic

Learning how to perform tricks on a bike in Ubisoft’s Riders Republic is essential. To earn certain bonus Stars and quickly progress in your Career, you’ll need to perform certain tricks and/or score high in different events. Plus, tricks both look and feel awesome, especially when you’re showing off to tons of other players in Mass Races.

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In this guide, we’ll cover all bike tricks in Riders Republic and how to perform them in both Rider and Trickster Modes using a PlayStation or Xbox controller.

All Bike Tricks in Riders Republic

Rotation Bike Tricks

Rotations can be performed by simply moving the right stick in certain directions in Trickster Mode. In Race Mode, rotation tricks use buttons instead. Spins are the easiest rotations to land and are perfect for small jumps. Flips need to be timed properly, but can be used often. Rodeos and Corks need at least a 720° rotation to land and perfect landings are only possible at 1080° rotations. Cashrolls and twisters should only be attempted on very large jumps.

  • Right Spin: Left > Right / X > B / Square > Circle
  • Left Spin: Right > Left / B > X / Circle > Square
  • Frontflip: Down > Up / A > Y / X > Triangle
  • Backflip: Up > Down / Y > A / Triangle > X
  • Left Rodeo: Down > Left / A > X / X > Square
  • Right Rodeo: Left > Down / A > B / X > Circle
  • Left Cork: Up > Left / Y > X / Triangle  > X
  • Right Cork: Up > Right / Y > B / Triangle > Circle
  • Right Cashroll: Left > Down / X > A / Sqaure > X
  • Left Cashroll: Right > Down / B > A / Circle > X
  • Right Twister: Left > Up / X > Y / Square > Triangle
  • Left Twister: Right > Up / B > Y / Circle > Triangle


Freeride Bike Tricks

Freeride tricks require the movement of the left stick and holding either trigger or both, depending on the trick.

  • Can-Can Left: Left + LT (L2)
  • Can-Can Right: Right + RT (R2)
  • X-Up Left: Up + LT (L2)
  • X-Up Right: Up + RT (R2)
  • Nac-Nac Left: Right + LT (L2)
  • Nac-Nac Right: Left+ RT (R2)
  • Whip Left: Down + LT (L2)
  • Whip Right: Down + RT (R2)
  • Table Left: Left + LT (L2) + RT (R2)
  • Table Right: Right + Lt (L2) + RT (R2)
  • Tuck No Hander: Up + LT (L2) + RT (R2)
  • Superman: Down + LT (L2) + RT (R2)


Slopestyle Bike Tricks in Riders Republic

Freeride tricks require the movement of the left stick and holding either trigger or both, depending on the trick.

  • One Hand Left: Left + LT (L2)
  • One Hand Right: Left + RT (R2)
  • Barspin Left: Up + LT (L2)
  • Barspin Right: Up + RT (R2)
  • Toboggan Left: Right + LT (L2)
  • Toboggan Right: Right + RT (R2)
  • No Foot Can Left: Down + LT (L2)
  • No Foot Can Right: Down + RT (R2)
  • Tailwhip Left:  Left + LT (L2) + RT (R2)
  • Tailwhip Right: Right + Lt (L2) + RT (R2)
  • Suicide No Hanger: Up + LT (L2) + RT (R2)
  • Indian Air: Down + LT (L2) + RT (R2)
  • One Hand Right: Left + RT (R2)
  • One Hand Left: Left + RT (R2)

Remember, you can always practice at the ‘Tricks Academy’ in Riders Ridge, which shows you exactly how to perform certain tricks and provides courses suitable for the trick you selected. If you’re wondering what counts as a ‘New’ trick, you can visit our guide on How to Perform New Tricks in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic is available now for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. You can find our full coverage of the game, including more helpful guides, on the Riders Republic tag page.

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