Riders Republic Crossplay: How to Invite Cross-Platform Friends

Riders Republic allows full crossplay, here's how to join it!

by Gordon Bicker


Riders Republic has launched to the masses and players are indulging themselves in everything that game has to offer. From snow-filled dunes to forest marshes, players have been taking part in extreme sports all across the land. The sweeping world is home to a vast amount of activities and each one brings something new and unique to the experience. Playing in multiplayer is significantly popular and therefore learning how to utilize every part of the feature is vital to those who want to take part. This guide will inform you of how to make use of the Riders Republic crossplay and if it’s possible to invite cross-platform partners to your world. Time to get prepared!

How to Invite Cross-Platform Players in Riders Republic

Crossplay is enabled by default in the game, however, if there has been a glitch or you have accidentally turned off the crossplay, it can be reactivated by going to the ‘Home’ section, then going to Options, to the ‘Gameplay’ section and then going into the ‘Opponents section’ where you will be able to find the crossplay setting and turn it on.

In order to begin playing multiplayer in Riders Republic you can create a group with up to five partners. Go to the ‘social’ menu and you will observe a ‘Players List’ section. There’s an ‘All’ segment which is every player on that particular server and then you’ll be able to find the ‘Friends’ segment which has all of your friends from that platform on the list. You can invite your friends and partners through this list.

However, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to directly invite cross-platform players to your server at the moment so the only way to play with them is with the sheer luck of hopefully running into them in a server which is of course possible.

It is likely that this feature may be added in a future update. Will you be playing multiplayer in Riders Republic?

Riders Republic is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC.

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