All the Sports in Riders Republic

Here are all the ways to play Ubisoft’s MMO sports game.

by Elliott Gatica


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Riders Republic is the next best thing to a sequel to Steep. It contains many sporting elements in the extreme sports category while adding just a bit more pizazz to it. Of course, many want to know how many sporting activities are there in this vast open world consisting of deserts, canyons, and snowy biomes.

Every sport in Riders Republic

Riders Republic has three major sports: Snow sports, mountain biking, and flying. However, each of these are split into five different careers.

Bike Racing is what you’ll be first introduced to. If you compare this game to Steep, this is a brand new mode. Essentially, you’re on a mountain bike and racing in a set course. The first one to the end wins.

The next is Bike Tricks. This mode works similarly to the racing, except it’s more focused on jumps and tricking. You’ll jump off steep ramps and hills to get some air and perform various tricks like flips, can-cans, whips, no handers, Supermans, and more. The goal is to land your performed tricks and finish with the highest point score. Be careful of wiping out, for it’ll void the score you started to accumulate in that specific trick.


Then, there is Snow Racing. In this career, you will either race by skiing or snowboarding. You will more often than not go down a steep mountain with ramps and obstacles like trees. Simply enough, make it to the end. If you want, spice up your race by showing off some moves! But don’t wipe out, you might get overtaken by other Riders.

There is also the Snow Tricks career. Here, you’ll take on a series of events where you either snowboard or ski through a course to rack up the largest score before the end. Steep fans should be right at home when taking on the snowy slopes of the Grand Teton and Mammoth Mountain areas.

Finally, there is the flying or Air career. Here is where you will equip a wingsuit and race in a course with rings as checkpoints. This mode also gives you a wingsuit or a squirrel suit where you will do similar things, but with a bit more tricking involved. These events can take place practically anywhere, giving you the best views in the game.


When you take on Mass Races, you’ll find yourself racing and competing in something similar to relay races where you’ll switch your gear mid-race. The first third of a race can start off by biking, then all of a sudden, you’ll swap into skis and go down a snowy slope. To end the race, you might jump off a high ramp and go right into a flying suit. It’s best to get acquainted with all the sports.

Riders Republic is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. To check out additional content for the game, click here.

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