Riders Republic: What is Zen Mode?

Chill and see all of what the game has to offer in this mode

by Elliott Gatica

Riders Republic is an upcoming open-world sports game where you can take on breathtaking environments from actual national parks across the United States. In doing so, you can take on various activities like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and flying via wingsuit and rocket wingsuit.

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When you enter the main menu of the game, you can take on two different modes: Zen mode and New Game. The New Game option is basically where you’ll start your actual career in the game with the story and everything.

What is Zen mode in Riders Republic?

Zen Mode is an offline mode where you can explore the different combined areas of the map. You can freely roam as you may with any coasting device you want. It’s like a sandbox mode of sorts and can get you familiarized with the environments that await you.


For all you want, go ahead and ski down the rocky fields of the Canyonlands National Park. You’ll have everything at your disposal. Go ahead and just roam as your heart desires.

Zen mode can be selected right from the get go. There aren’t too many restrictions.

The only real restrictions in this mode are that you can’t play with other people, even in a private lobby setting. You’re completely alone out here with no real objective.

While in this mode, you won’t be able to make any progression. This includes earning stars and getting new gear to up your game. The game will give you a pop up notice just to let you know that your progress is disabled, so certain achievements you can get can’t be gotten here either.

If you just want to ride around, get good screenshots, and vibe to the soundtrack of Riders Republic, this is the mode for you.

Riders Republic is set to launch on October 28, 2021. It’ll be out on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. To check out additional content like guides, news, and a review later down the line, click here.

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