Roblox – My Hello Kitty Cafe Tips & Tricks: How To Level Up Fast And Earn Coins

Level up your favorite experience with these tips and tricks!

by Shaun Cichacki

When starting your career in the world of My Hello Kitty Cafe, one of the more addictive experiences inside of Roblox, you may need to gather cash and diamonds quickly. After playing through a quick tutorial, you’re set free to start building the greatest cafe around. But, if you’re stuck and can’t seem to progress, you may give up on this adorable simulator.

If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, you’ll be glad to know you can progress without spending a single Robuck. While this is one of the lowest-stakes titles available on the platform, you may still want to show off to your friends while continuing to earn and grow. After following along with our guide, you’ll be saying Hello Money & Diamonds instead.

How To Level Up Quickly In My Hello Kitty Cafe – Roblox


As you start your career as a cafe manager, make sure that you’re showcasing your helping skills while also keeping up with the decor of your building. While the decorations may be the most fun part of this title, making sure that you’re showing your employees that you can chip in when needed will also help you level up quicker. Making your way around the different floors that you can build, you’ll be able to take orders, deliver orders, and clean up dirty dishes.

If you let your employees handle this, you’ll still earn XP Points. If you’re looking to level up quicker, you’ll want to help them out by delivering food, creating orders, and cleaning up after patrons when they have finished eating. You also make more money this way, giving you the best of both worlds. If you need something special to raise the popularity of your Cafe, this will help you gather more money and unlock new equipment faster.

Adding new tables and seating options will allow you to have more characters in your Cafe at any time, so making sure that you’ve got your hands full with orders is the easiest way to start leveling up your eatery. You’ll also need to make trips to the City to start purchasing better equipment once it has unlocked, so you’ll have the chance to continue making your cafe larger. You’ll need plenty of money to make this happen, so keeping your customers and employees happy will allow you to expand your cafe in no time.

Easy Ways To Make Money And Diamonds – My Hello Kitty Cafe


You won’t be able to make a good cafe if you don’t have the funds to supply your clients with what they need. Making sure that you’re exploring your town and the City on your skateboard is one of the best ways to earn some extra cash. You’ll find treasure chests spread out in these locations, and a simple tap of a button will give you a random amount of Money or Diamonds. Make sure that you’re spending money on equipment and decor, so you’ll be able to start earning more while following our tips from above.

Do not ignore the Spin The Wheel option that you are given, either. his works well, especially if you are lucky enough to land on rare items. Even if you don’t plan on using them, you’ll be able to sell them in the City to get extra money when you need it. While these free items may help you fill some needed space and add some extra flair to your building, sometimes they may not mesh with your overall decor. Selling them off will bring in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars while you had to spend no money to get them.

You’ll also be able to find and use codes that will give you Gotcha Tickets and Diamonds. Gatcha Tickets will allow you to open card packs which will give you faster and better workers, as well as Hello Kitty characters that can help you run your cafe. Getting extra codes will allow you to make your journey easier to start or give you what you need when it feels that things have dried up a bit. Here are a few codes to help you get a head start:

Code NameItems Received
PRA3NDKB1UNNYFree Gatcha Ticket
LIKEKITTYHL20Three Gatcha Tickets
LIKEKITTYFD2Three Gatcha Tickets
LIKEKITTYKD2Three Gatcha Tickets
LIKEKITTYDD2Pompompurin Waffle Decoration
LIKEKITTYGD2Free Gatcha Ticket
LIKEKITTYED2300 Diamonds
LIKEKITTYQD2Pompompurin Photo
LIKEKITTYCD2Free Gatcha Ticket
LIKEKITTYAD2Free Sunflower Decoration
LIKEKITTYBD2300 Diamonds
SMALLGIFT1 Million Visits Photo
THANKYOU300 Diamonds
LIKEKITTYXK2Chef Pompompurin Decoration

Finally, make sure that you’re paying attention to your Daily Tasks that refresh. Ranging from standard Cafe tasks to participating in event mini-games, you’ll have an opportunity to bring in plenty of Diamonds and Gatcha Tickets when you complete these. You may also even earn some extra money, depending on the rewards that are listed.

Now that you’ve got everything that you need to succeed in My Hello Kitty Cafe, you’ve got until the start of the new year to earn a free Kuromi Backpack while leveling your character up. If you need to access this title wherever you go, you’ll be able to use Now.GG to play your favorite Roblox experiences anywhere you would like, on just about every device.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022

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