Rocket Arena – Hero Artifact Builds

Try out different artifact builds to drastically change a hero's playstyle.

by Daniel Chae

Rocket Arena has a unique system of unlockable artifacts that allow you to customize the heroes of the game.  While things are still pretty new, EA has revealed some of the ways that heroes can be customized with artifacts to make them wholly unique and/or different from their base build.

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Here are three different builds in Rocket Arena which you can try out for starters.  Though some of these artifacts will take a bit of time to earn before unlocking.

High Flier Build

For players that want strong jump abilities

  • Axiel Fan – Rocket jump strength increased
  • Berno’s Belt – Ground jump strength increased
  • Juking Jukebox – Same direction air jump strength increased

Blastbeard – Fastbeard Build

A movement build that makes a slower character faster

  • Gemstone Elixir – Ground movement speed increased
  • Boost Capacitor – Air movement speed increased
  • Zephyr Vest – Move faster after arena returns

Speed Healer Build

  • Hunter’s Idol – Damage and impulse taken reduced
  • Rocket Radio – Health regen delay decreased
  • Bastion Bell – KO’s decrease the time until health regen starts