Rocket League Update 2.02 Patch Notes

120 fps on PS5

by Damian Seeto
Rocket League

Update 2.02 has arrived for Rocket League, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The last update to Rocket League came out on August 10th, and it was patch 2.01. This marked the start of Season 4 of the game. The last update also made a change so streamers won’t get caught out if they were playing licensed music.

Well today Psynoix has now released version patch number 2.02. This update went live on August 24th at 4 p.m. PDT / 11 p.m. UTC. It’s available now on all platforms.

One of the new features of today’s update is 120 fps support for those playing on PS5. The rest of the patch notes cover bug fixes. You can see the details below.

Rocket League Update 2.02 Patch Notes

  • [PlayStation 5] 120 FPS support is now available when using the correct cables and display
    Visit our support website for full details
  • Players should no longer see a “duplicate login detected” message in error
  • Game will no longer lock up if you have a large number of pending friend requests
  • [Nintendo Switch] Fixed issues with game performance when trading with other players
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Rank to display after matches
  • Fixed a game lock-up scenario unique to some older account types
  • DMCA-protected songs will no longer play if manually selected when Streamer Safe is enabled
  • Fixed a bug causing song titles to display incorrectly when playing Rocket League in any language besides English
  • Fixed a bug preventing Custom Tournaments from appearing in the Tournament Browser
  • Fixed a bug causing players on Windows 7 to crash
  • Fixed a volume issue with the ‘SMLE & Athena – ETERNAL’ music track
  • ‘NASCAR’ Player Banner now correctly displays in inventory if previously owned

Information taken above is from the game’s official website. Rocket League is now available for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms.