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Rogue Company: Cannon Update Patch Notes

New Rogue and notable balance changes

Hi-Rez and First Watch Games have been working diligently to dish out more content for Rogue Company. We are well into season three, the Kyoto Job. Since the release of the update, we have only gotten one new character—Runway. However, as the Year One pass explains, there are to be 7 new Rogues added into the game before this year (2021) ends. This latest patch, titled the Cannon Update, adds the 5th of the 7 Rogues in Year One. Here are the patch notes detailed below.

Rogue Company Cannon patch notes


Cannon grew up in Kansas City on a diet of action movies, pro wrestling, and barbeque. Following his dreams of operating a machine gun on an attack helicopter, he joined the Army but was too big for that role. Despite this setback, he proved himself one of the most reliable machine gunners within the Rangers before joining Rogue Company.

Weapon Classes: Assault Rifle, Shotgun

New Melee: Sledgehammer


  • C4
  • Adrenaline Shot


  • Shredder Rounds
  • Toughen Up
  • Helping Hand
  • Tenacity
  • Life Drain
  • Headstrong


Gatling Gun

  • A devastating Gatling Gun that fires faster the longer it is fired. Can be mounted for increased accuracy and fire rate.

Conflict Connoisseur

  • Landing shots has a chance to return ammo to your current magazine. If your Gatling Gun is equipped, its duration is extended slightly.


Switchblade – Our goal with these changes is to reduce the viability of using the chaos launcher’s direct damage rocket to damage an enemy and quickly swapping back to your primary guns to finish low HP targets. We also are reducing the size of the rocket slightly to more accurately line up with what the targeting indicator displays in game.

  • Increased the lockout time after using the Chaos Launcher before you can swap to other weapons
  • Chaos Launcher blast radius decreased


  • Removed reveal immunity


  • Now awards $250 for each deployable destroyed with Hacked ability



  • Aim over shoulder accuracy increased


  • Accuracy loss per shot reduced
  • Vertical recoil reduced


  • Accuracy loss per shot increased

LR15 Fullbody

  • Aim Down Sights FOV increased from 20 to 30


  • Accuracy loss per shot slightly reduced
  • Horizontal recoil slightly reduced


EMP Grenade

  • Now cancels duration based abilities: Scorch’s Overheat will extinguish, Fixer’s glasses will stop working, Sigrid’s shield will be disabled etc.
  • Now awards $250 for each deployable destroyed

Incendiary Grenade – The goal here is to make Incendiary Grenades burn out a bit sooner and feel less oppressive. In addition, we also are increasing their damage slightly so they are more of a threat when you can catch enemies inside. Their DPS will be higher, but they will do less damage overall as a result of the shorter duration.

Finally, The radius upgrade is about as big as we’re comfortable with, but it’s not as significant of a step up from the base as we’d like it to be. We’re reducing the base radius and keeping the upgraded radius the same.

  • Duration reduced from 8.5 to 6 seconds
  • Tier 2 Upgrade now increases duration from 6 to 8 seconds
  • Damage increased from 10 to 12
  • Base radius reduced from 4 to 3.5 meters


  • All respawn modes – 1 second of spawn immunity added
  • Strikeout – Spawn improvements. Combat fronts are back! We have reworked where the spawn locations are as well as added new areas to help prevent spawn camping.


  • Fixed a few Tutorial crashes affecting Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an issue where after reconnecting to a match a player would get the loadout and perks of the Rogue they used in the first half
  • Fixed an issue where the loss music would play after a win in Dodgeball
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Contract Avatar overlapped the border
  • Fixed an issue where a spray could overlap a Rogue in the customize screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Resupply perk would not properly fill stacks of Rank 3 Adrenaline Shots
  • Fixed the description of the Death Punch banner
  • Fixed an issue where bots could not purchase Shop items after being downed
  • Fixed an issue with blind visual effects which would sometimes hover
  • Fixed an issue where Runway would have an unintended stance when interacting with a previously deployed briefcase
  • Fixed an issue where players could cycle through menus behind the email sign up prompt
  • Fixed an issue where the Demolition text failed to appear on the top left of the Rogue screen when the player disconnected and reconnected
  • Fixed an issue where the Tyr scope line would change to white when other Rogues activated an ability

These notes were taken from the Rogue Company website. You can view that by clicking here. With Cannon taking up the 5th spot of the 7 planned Rogues of 2021, that means there are only two left. There are also three months left in the remainder of the year, so we’ll be getting them a lot sooner than expected.

Rogue Company is out now for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. It’s free to play and has full crossplay and cross-save functionality between all platforms. Click here to check out additional news and guides regarding the game.

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