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Rogue Company: New Rogue Cannon Revealed

Available on PTS starting the 18th of September

Rogue Company is well into its third season and it has been steadily improving in many areas of the game. Perhaps the game’s greatest strength is its ever-growing roster of Rogues to play from. Just recently, the very iconic Runway had been released not too long ago. She’s just now getting situated into the meta, but it turns out we are getting another new character a lot quicker than expected.

The new character coming to Rogue Company is a hefty “mountain of a man” according to Nick “Pretty Hair” Keogh. Yes, cue the memes that he looks like Carl Weathers’ character from Predator. This is what his theme is all about: being the 80s action movie star, who is no cover and all man.

As a teaser for his upcoming release, there are cosmetic bundles currently in the shop named “Cannon’s Crew”. These cosmetics bundles are for Chaac and Dahlia. They are looking really good and unique for characters who only have recolors for skins.

Here are the contents for each bundle:


  • Cammo ‘n Ammo Chaac – 1,000 Rogue Bucks
  • Cannon’s Crew Cammo ‘n Ammo Bundle – 1,000 Rogue Bucks (Originally 3,000)
  • Flightpath Dahlia – 1,500 Rogue Bucks (Originally 2,000)
  • Cannon’s Crew Flightpath Bundle – 1,000 Rogue Bucks (Originally 3,000)

Snag the discounted bundles while you can! They’ll eventually revert back to their original prices once they are out of rotation.

Finally, for the man of the hour himself, Cannon. As he is a big man, he’s very much going to be a defender character. His design revolves heavily around tankiness and heavy fire. There will be an upcoming PTS update where PC players who play on Epic will be able to try him out.



Cannon is looking to be a very favorable Rogue when it comes to clearing rooms and holding down the line. You can read up more on him by watching the latest Updates Show or by checking out the PTS notes.

There is no release date for Cannon yet, but typically after a PTS weekend concludes, the new tested character releases two to three weeks after.

Rogue Company is out now on all current major console platforms. There is also an upcoming mobile release of the game coming soon. Read up more on Rogue Company updates by clicking here.

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