Rogue Legacy 2 Trait List: All Traits Explained

I guess you could call them quirks

by J.T. Isenhour


Rogue Legacy 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed heritage roguelike, Rogue Legacy. Both games have your heirs trying to conquer a castle full of monsters and traps. The draw of the game is that in each run you pick one of three heirs to use, each with their own class and traits. Each class has a slightly different playstyle, but they still play like hack and slash characters. The traits are where the real variants of runs come into play, each one can either help or hinder your run. Let’s go over all the traits and how they impact your runs in Rogue Legacy 2.

Trait Explanations in Rogue Legacy 2

Each trait in Rogue Legacy 2 can either positively or negatively benefit your run, but to what degree can vary. Some may deafen you, like the new Valorant Agent, while others give you lifesteal on your attacks. But why would you ever take a negative trait? For the money, positive traits actually decrease the amount of gold you get, while negative traits give a flat percentage increase to any gold picked up.


  • Aerodynamic
    Strike like an eagle. Straight downwards.
    Your Spinkick is replaced with Downstrike.
    Spin Kick is replaced with Downstrike, which sends the player downwards at high speed until they reach the ground, or hit an object or enemy.
  • Alexithymia
    The emotions of others elude you.
    Can’t see damage dealt.
    Gold +25%
  • Algesia
    Stubbing your toe may lead to cardiac arrest.
    No immunity window after taking damage.
    Gold +50%Removes the brief invincibility that is normally gained after taking damage. However, The Ambrosia relic does not provide any benefit while affected by this trait.
  • Antique
    Heir starts with a random relic, even if the relic has not been seen before. Resolve cost still applies. Can occur twice on the same Heir.
  • Associative Agnosia
    A table is just a word to you.
    Enemies are blacked out.
    Gold +25%Enemies are rendered with a black silhouette.
  • Avant-garde / Contrarian
    Creativity demands risk.
    Your Weapon and Talent are randomized.
    Gold + 25%


  • Bookish
    Next-level nerd.
    +50% Magic Damage and +50 Mana Capacity. -30% HP.
    Relics like Blessing of Life and Gnawed Bone give bonus Max HP based on Base HP before the 30% penalty.
  • Cartographer
    You’ve got maps on the mind.
    The map is revealed but you have no position marker.
    Gold +25%
  • Charismatic
    The #1 indicator for success.
    15% gold discount from all shopkeeps.
    Does not discount Ore or Red Aether costs.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Sudden siesta assault.
    All Spells and Talents have a cooldown.
    Gold +25%
  • C.I.P.
    No pain, no frame (of reference)!
    Can’t see your health.
    Gold +25%
  • Clownanthropy
    You were bitten by a clown.
    30% less Health, but you can Spin Kick off terrain.
    Allows you to Spin Kick off certain hazards without harm, such as static spikes and the water in Axis Mundi.
  • Clumsy
    Like a bull in a china shop. Or any shop really.
    Objects break on touch.
    Objects are broken when touching them. This has the benefit of being able to walk through Black Roots without damage but has the drawback of destroying the green platforms in Pishon Dry Lake if you don’t land on them from above.
  • Colorblind
    Color hasn’t been invented yet.
    You can’t see colors.
    Gold +25%
  • Combative
    You’re a fighter, not a flighter.
    +50% Weapon Damage, -30% Health.
    Relics like Blessing of Life and Gnawed Bone give bonus Max HP based on Base HP before the 30% penalty, making them especially attractive with this trait.
  • Compulsive Gambling / Lootbox Addict
    A world of sharks, pigeons, and whales.
    Only chests drop gold and chest values swing wildly!
    Gold +25%
    The gambling roll only affects the quantity of gold dropped from the chest; Gold Bonus applies normally to whatever drops. Roll ranges from 2% to 400% chest value.
  • Compulsive Hoarder
    You never know when you’ll need a backup.
    All Relics are Twin Relics (when possible).
  • Crippling Intellect
    You are an arcane vortex.
    Low Health, Mana, and Weapon Damage. Mana regenerates over time.
  • Disattuned
    Mind into matter. 25% less health, but you can only be hit in the heart.
    Health -25%.
    Heir’s hitbox is dramatically reduced. Many hazards and projectile walls are outright bypassed with this trait. Notably the fireball and arrow walls from traps, S.A.W. blades on the floor, and the orange projectile wall fired by Murmur.
  • Diva
    You are a star!
    Everyone gets a spotlight but all eyes are on you.
    Gold +50%. All of the screen is black, but all enemies, projectiles, and the player are illuminated by spotlights.
    When a room is cleared of enemies, an audience applauds and the Heir is showered with roses.
  • Dyspraxia
    Fine motor controls are your foe.
    Items go flying!
    Gold +25%
  • Dwarfism
    You are adorable. You are Tiny.
    Gold +25%.Heir and weapon hitboxes dramatically reduced.
    Required to access a Scar in Axis Mundi.


  • Ectomorph
    You’re more sticks than stones.
    Taking damage knocks you far away.
    Gold +25%
  • Emotional Dysregularity
    Over-reaction, meet over-kill.
    Mana costs and spell damage are increased by 100%.
  • Endomorph
    You’ve got a little belly!
    You barely flinch when enemies hit you.
  • Exploding Casket Syndrome
    Never do a full seal.
    Enemies drop an explosive surprise.
    Gold +50%Enemies drop explosive potions after death. Sticking around will hurt you.
  • FMF Fan
    You have good taste.
    You’re probably Korean.
    Gold +25%This trait is not functionally a debuff despite the gold bonus.


  • FND
    Functional Neurological Disorder.
    You become Disarmed when stressed.
    Gold +50%.Taking damage inflicts Disarmed, meaning the player cannot attack or use spells for 2 seconds.
  • Gigantism
    You make other people self-conscious about their height.
    You are gigantic.
    Gold + 25%.Heir and weapon hitboxes dramatically increased.
  • Hero Complex
    Your self-sacrifice is actually self-sabotage.
    100% more Health but you can’t heal, ever.
    Ideal for immediately challenging bosses at the start of a run.
  • Histrionic
    You’re a two-upper.
    Numbers are exaggerated.
  • Hollow Bones
    Float like a butterfly… and that’s it.
    You fall slowly.
    Great on Barbarians and Fighters, also works well with Blaze Bellow.
  • Hypercoagulation
    The Spring of Youth ends sooner or later.
    HP regenerates, but you lose some Max HP when hit.
    Strong against hard-hitting enemies such as bosses.
  • Hypergonadism
    100% natural juiced.
    Enemies are knocked far away.
    Enemies are knocked farther away when damaged by melee attacks. Does not appear to affect heavier enemy types or enemies with a fixed location.
  • IBS
    Every day’s Taco Tuesday.
    You fart a lot.
    Sometimes fart when jumping or dashing.
  • IIB Muscle Fibers / High Jumper
    Reach the jumping prowess of a plumber.
    Hold [Jump] to Super Jump.
    Heir will now jump up to one standard screen height while holding the jump button.
  • Masochism
    Pleasure from pain.
    Gain 50% of your mana when hit, but can’t regain mana from attacks.
    Good with the Cosmic Insight relic.
  • Methemoglobinemia / Blue
    Beautiful blue you.
    You are blue.
    Heir’s skin color turns blue.
  • Muscle Weakness
    Testosterone? More like Testoster-none…
    Enemies barely flinch when hit.
    Gold +25%


  • Nature
    Being true to being you. You are you.
    You’re a lovely lady.
    You’re a cool dude.
    You like guys n’ gals!
    You are a fan of the man.
    You like the ladies.
    The description chosen varies depending on the Heir’s gender.
  • Nostalgic
    Remember the good ol’ days? Naps in the park, ice cream socials, and the Plague.
    Everything is old-timey tinted.
    Gold +25%
  • OCD / Breaker
    Obsessive Crushing Disorder.
    Breaking things restores Mana.
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta / Fragile
    One shot, one opportunity.
    You die in one hit.
    Gold +200%.
    The Heir only dies if actual damage is taken.
    Relics such as Lotus Stem, Coeus’ Shell, and The Serrated Handle’s Bargain are excellent with this trait.
  • Pacifier
    Playtime is over.
    -60% Health and you love to fight!
    Gold +150%
  • Pacifist
    Peace for profit.
    -60% Health and you can’t deal damage.
    Gold +150% Cannot deal damage with a weapon or Spin Kick; weapon can be used to knock enemies back. Picking up a weapon from a Curio Shoppe turns your trait into Pacifier, allowing you to deal damage while still retaining the gold bonus.
  • Panic Attacks
    Making popcorn is nightmare fuel.
    Getting hit darkens the screen.
    Gold +50%
  • Paranoid / Exploding Chests
    It’s not paranoia if you’re right.
    Chests drop an explosive surprise.
    Gold +25%
  • Perfectionist
    There’s only first or worst.
    Only Skill Crits and Spin Kicks deal damage.
    Gold +50%The relic Fate’s Die still instantly defeats enemies even on attacks that deal no damage.
  • Puritan
    Everything is lewd.
    Enemies are censored.
    Gold +25%


  • Spelunker
    Relegated from a Class to a Trait.
    -20% HP but you can see all chests on the map!
  • Superfluid
    You have zero viscosity.
    -20% Health, but you can dash in ANY direction.
  • Super IBS
    Every day is Taco Blast Tuesday.
    Your Talent is replaced with Super Fart.
    Super Fart releases a fart cloud that inflicts 3 seconds of Burn on enemies and launches the player upwards. 2-second cooldown. Great on Rock Stars.
  • Synesthesia
    The color of movement.
    Everything leaves behind color.
    Gold +25%Anything that moves leaves behind a trail of color that fades after a short while.
  • Vampirism
    You were bitten by a syringe.
    Gain 20% of your Weapon Damage as Health, but you take 125% more damage.
  • Vegan
    Meat is murder. It’s literally trying to kill you.
    Eating food hurts you.
    Gold +50% Health Drops deal damage equal to the amount they would normally heal you. Armor still reduces the damage taken.
  • Vertigo
    Time to bring out the mirror.
    Everything is upside-down.
    Gold +75%

Sadly there is no real way to change the perks your heroes have before a run. If you unlock a new class you are given the option of switching to it which may reroll your traits but there are only so many classes to unlock. If you need any more help with Rogue Legacy 2 make sure to check out our other guides.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.


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