Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Ranked From Worst to Best

So, in which tier is your main at?

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Capcom, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

One of the best selling points of Street Fighter 6 lies in how balanced the game’s roster is, a feat that allows players to climb the ranks no matter who they favor. However, that does not mean that some characters are unable to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

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Here’s a Street Fighter 6 Tier List ranking all of the game’s playable characters from worst to best.

SF6 Tier List: Ranked From Worst to Best

We divided our Street Fighter 6 Tier List in the usual S to C-Tier fashion. The list was confectioned based on our experiences with the game and its current meta. You can check out our SF6 Tier List below, as well as entries breaking down each tier and some of its most noticeable characters further down.

S-TierKen, JP, Luke
A-TierDee Jay, Cammy, Juri, Guile, Kimberly, Chun Li
B-TierBlanka, Rashid, A.K.I, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ryu, Marisa, Manon
C-TierZangief, Jamie, Lily

Before you head down, I want to make sure to point out that in fighting games, nothing is more vital than your domain of the characters. That means that even the game’s “worst” can rival some of the best when in the right hands.

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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: S-Tier, Explained

Image: Capcom

In the S-Tier we have characters capable of excelling no matter the matchup, be it due to their adaptability or sheer offensive potential. The game’s current S-Tiers are Ken, JP, and Luke.

While Ken is the game’s absolute best for those who like to let loose while making use of reactive and overly aggressive styles, Luke is the game’s best all-rounder and can excel on all fronts no matter your playstyle. Our favorite MMA specialist is also one of the easiest characters to use, although mastering him is a completely different story. Lastly, JP — God, how I hate facing JP — is by far the game’s best zoner and can set the pace of any match when in the right hands.

A-Tier, Explained

Image: Capcom

In the A-Tier, we have characters who, although capable of going toe-to-toe with our S-Tiers, can be more easily countered. They can also be considered relatively harder to master.

Among the A-Tiers, I consider Cammy and Guile to be the best. While the Delta Red commander is unmatched when the subject is air combos and overall courters, Guile is — true to his hairstyle — an extremely balanced character who can dominate opponents with a wide array of efficient mixups. Juri can also be considered one of the Tier’s best when in the right hands, given her ability to easily combo you to oblivion while also zoning efficiently.

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B-Tier, Explained

Image: Capcom

In the B-Tier we have characters who lack the extra factor our S and A-Tier characters have. They also need to be either in the right matchups or be fully mastered to excel against most high-level opponents.

From the B-Tiers in ST6, Blanka, Manon, and Marisa set themselves apart. While Blanka is a game-breaker given his mixups (although he is really energy-dependent), Masisa’s biggest strength is her close-range capabilities. Manon can be seen as one of the Tier’s best when the subject is making comebacks, as her Medal mechanic allows her grabs to become more deadly as you connect them throughout the match.

C-Tier, Explained

Image: Capcom

In the C-Tier, we have characters who, although capable of leaving their mark, struggle in most matchups. Their movesets also lack diversity when compared to those of our S, A, and B-Tiers, which makes them less capable of adapting mid-match.

Even though I consider Jamie to be the highlight among the C-Tiers, Zangeif deserves a shoutout given his massive grappling damage and ability to dominate after getting into the right rhythm.

This list was made while playing Street Fighter 6 on PS5.

- This article was updated on January 8th, 2024

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