Should You Arrest or Release Gavrilov in Contraband Police?

Which option should you choose?

by Diego Perez
Image: Crazy Rocks

Contraband Police is blowing up on Steam, with tons of players jumping into the game after watching streams on Twitch and YouTube. One of the earliest choices in the game is to either arrest or release Gavrilov, who gives you the option to work with him against the corrupt government. While some of the choices in Contraband Police don’t really affect much, this one does. Your decision here will affect a large portion of the game, so make sure you make the right choice.

Should You Arrest Gavrilov in Contraband Police?

The Gavrilov choice will lead you down one of two dramatically different story paths in Contraband Police, dramatically altering the events of the game and netting you an entirely different ending. It’s a really important decision that changes the game dramatically.

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If you arrest Gavrilov, then you’ll lock yourself into the government route where you stay on the straight and narrow and keep doing your job as normal.If you decide to release Gavrilov and let him go, then you will begin the rebel storyline and work with him to take down the corrupt government that you’re working for.

Image: Crazy Rocks

Each of these routes has different missions, objectives and cutscenes so choose wisely. When you’re given the choice, Gavrilov lays out the entire situation for you. Keep in mind that he’s working with the rebels so his opinions are biased in their favor, but it’s a compelling recruitment speech nonetheless. Really pay attention to his words and choose whichever option you feel is right.

Thankfully, Contraband Police is not a super long game, clocking in at roughly a dozen hours for one playthrough. If you enjoy it enough, you can play from the beginning all over again and choose the other option when you encounter Gavrilov to experience the other side of the story.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023