Should You Give the Custodian the Item in Remnant 2?

Should you give the rare item to the Custodian in Remnant 2?

by Christian Bognar
Shining Essence Item Remnant 2
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Are you wondering whether you should give the item to the Custodian in Remnant 2? The item in question, Shining Essence, is one you receive once throughout a single playthrough, so deciding how to use it is important if you don’t want to reroll the campaign anytime soon. This guide will cover whether you should give the item to the Custodian in Remnant 2.

Should You Give the Shining Essence Item to the Custodian in Remnant 2?

There are two items players can receive when trading in the Shining Essence item in Remnant 2. When returning to the Ascension Spire location in N’erud, you can give the Shining Essence to the Custodian in the middle of the room or the Dryzr Replicator in the ground below. Each offers a different offer in return for the Shining Essence.

Giving the Shining Essence Item to the Custodian

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In the middle of the Ascenscion Spire, you’ll find the Custodian. If you want to give him the Shining Essence item, he will reward you with the Siphon Heart Relic. The Siphon Heart Relic “grants 10% of the base damage dealt as lifesteal for 10s” on use.

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Lifesteal is an excellent trait on your build, as it will grant you health from a percentage of your damage output. For example, regarding the Siphon Heart Relic, if you are dealing 100 damage per shot, you will get 10 life back.

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Giving the Shining Essence Item to the Dryzr Replicator

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The other option for the Shining Essence item is to give it to the Dryzr Replicator on the underground level of the Ascension Spire. As you walk into the Ascension Spire, you’ll notice a hole in the ground on the left-hand side. Jump through this hole to reveal the Replicator, where you can trade the Shining Essence for the Void Idol.

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The Void Idol is an amulet that “increases reload speed by 20%. Reloads only 50% of the magazine from reserves to fully reload.” This could be a great amulet if your guns currently take a long time to reload.

While the Void Idol is a great amulet that can help you get more shots off quicker, I personally feel like the Siphon Heart Relic is more valuable. Enemies do a ton of damage in Remnant 2, so having more Lifesteal can be the last inch you need to survive a challenging boss.

- This article was updated on July 29th, 2023

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