Remnant 2: What is the Combination For the Locked Chest in Ford’s Room?

Here is how you can open the chest in Ford's room in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Ford Combination
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Remnant 2 has many puzzles for players to solve, and finding the combination to the locked chest in Ford’s room is one of them. This chest can only be interacted with after completing the tutorial, and even then, players must solve a puzzle to interact with it. The good news is that you’ve had the combination since the beginning of the game, and it’s in your inventory. Read on to discover the combination to the chest in Ford’s Room in Remnant 2.

Ford’s Locked Chest Code

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You can find the combination to the chest in Ford’s room by heading into your inventory and inspecting the flashlight Ford gave you at the beginning of Remnant 2. This flashlight is given to you when entering the Old Ward area during the game’s tutorial. As you inspect it, you’ll notice a four-digit code reading 0415. This is the combination to his chest, so put this in the lock and hit the open button to see what’s inside.

You can only interact with the chest after finishing the tutorial and returning to Ward 13. Inside, you’ll find a Cargo Control Key, which opens a locked door in another section of the Ward. To get there, head out of Ford’s room and go past the checkpoint crystal until you find a chain-link fence. Continuing from there will eventually lead you to cargo containers and a locked door. Use the Cargo Control Key to open the door and you’ll finally be able to claim your prize.

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What’s Inside Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2?

You’ll find the MP60-R SMG weapon inside this cargo room. Not only is this an excellent choice for an SMG, but it is also one of the best early game weapons. This is especially the case if you build your playstyle around it, from using certain Archetypes to selecting specific upgrades. Upgrading the MP60-R with the right materials can make it an excellent secondary weapon choice.

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I recommend upgrading this weapon with the Hot Shot modification and the Slayer Mutator. The former will imbue ammunition with fire and increase range damage, while the Slayer Mutator will increase damage for the gun whenever you reload. I’ve used this combination for almost all the guns I have equipped, turning my character’s build into an unstoppable force.

- This article was updated on July 25th, 2023

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