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Should You Side With Minthara or Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Whether you like Minthara or Halsin, siding with either will bring significant consequences. Characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 don’t always get along, causing your choices to directly impact what happens in the story.

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Some characters are great people at heart, while others have malicious intentions. You’ll eventually get to recruit some of these characters to craft the perfect party for your playthrough, but this might cause others to leave or fight. This guide will cover if you should side with Minthara or Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 and the consequences of both decisions.

What Happens if You Side with Minthara or Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Siding with Minthara or Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3 boils down to whether you want to make the morally correct choice or if you want to recruit Minthara later on in your playthrough. So you must ask yourself, “Should I kill all the Tieflings for Minthara?” Let’s go over each decision.

Siding with Minthara

If you side with Minthara and slaughter all the Tieflings, you can romance her and wake up the following day in a sequence that requires you to pass a persuasion check. Passing this persuasion check will allow you to recruit her to your party. Note that having Minthara in your party will cause other party members to leave. Karlach and Wyll are too good to travel with an evil murderer.

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Siding with Halsin

If you decide to side with Halsin, you will make the morally correct choice and save the Tieflings from their undeserved deaths. To make that happen, you will have kill the three goblin leaders (includes fighting Minthara), leading to a major celebration back at Emerald Grove with all the Tieflings you have saved. You will get the opportunity to recruit Halsin further in your playthrough, and this choice will make you a hero in the eyes of the Tieflings.

Side with Minthara or Halsin?

No matter who will choose, there will be consequences. You can’t have Minthara in your party without losing other party members and vice versa. At the end of the day, siding with Minthara is the wrong choicebut it is also the choice that will benefit you more in your Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough. Adding her to your party would be great, considering she is a Paladin, meaning she can help in persuasion and be a decent healer in combat, but the cost is too high.

How to Recruit Minthara Without Losing Wyll and Karlach

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Although it is unclear if this was supposed to be possible, there is a way to keep Minthara in your party without losing Wyll and Karlach. That said, you will probably still lose Halsin, since chances are you will end up leaving him behind in the Goblin Camp.

  1. Offer to help Zevlor. Not turning on the tieflings will keep Wyll is a must if you want to keep Wyll in your party.
  2.  Meet with Minthara in the Goblin camp.
  3.  Tell Minthara you’ll aid her by sneaking into the grove and opening the gate.
  4.  Go to the Shadow-cursed Lands through the Mountain Pass.
  5.  Use your tadpole’s powers to call the drider without fulfilling the promise made to meet Minthara in the grove.
  6.  Proceed to Moonrise Towers. During a cutscene that makes you choose Minthara’s fate, opt for making Z’rell send her to prison.
  7. Go to the prison, locate Minthara, and then break her out.
  8.  Tell Minthara where you make camp.

This whole thing can go down in quite a few different ways. It might be better to do all possible quests in Act 1 before going to Moonrise Towers. That way, you can make sure that you level up enough and make the most out of the game. Just make sure to avoid the Emerald Grove.

Note that this method can be a lot of work and might need you to Quick-Save and Quick-Load frequently to handle some of the DCs and combat encounters you might have to deal with. Once you finally free Minthara, she will be at your camp, and you can have her, Wyll, and Karlach at your party at the same time. You won’t be the hero of the Emerald Grove, but you will not be the worst kind of person to walk on Faerûn, either.

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