Should You Tell the Truth or Lie to the Weeping Woman in Lies of P?

Should you tell the weeping woman the truth or a lie in Lies of P?

by Christian Bognar
Lies of P Weeping Woman Lie or Truth
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There are a ton of NPCs to encounter on your journey through the city of Krat. Most of the time, the characters you find in Lies of P are in distress, looking for help to solve a problem. Early in the game, you’ll encounter a weeping woman searching for her child. The quest ends with choosing between telling her the truth or a lie, and this guide tells you which you should choose.

Weeping Woman Lie and Truth Outcomes in Lies of P

After talking to the weeping woman and progressing through chapter 2 of Lies of P, you will find her “baby,” which actually turns out to be a puppet and not an actual human. When you return to the weeping woman with the baby puppet, you have two dialogue options: she’s a cute baby (lie), or that’s a puppet (truth). Your answer to this woman depends on which ending you hope to achieve.

Lying to the Weeping Woman in Lies of P

If you are aiming for the “Rise of P” true ending, you should pick the lie, as it’s required for you to lie all the time for this ending to happen. Additionally, the rewards you get from the weeping woman are better if you lie. Lying rewards the player with Vivid Ergo Fragment and the Feel record.

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It’s good to get as many records as possible in your playthrough, as playing them in Hotel Krat will reward your character with more Humanity. It’s essential to gain as much Humanity as possible to get the true ending (Rise of P), and you can do this by listening to as many records as possible, as well as other ways, such as lying all the time.

Telling the Truth to the Weeping Woman in Lies of P

If you decide that you want the “Free From the Puppet String” good ending in Lies of P, you should instead tell the truth through the entire playthrough. This would mean you should tell the weeping woman that the child is a puppet. Telling the truth to the weeping woman will reward the player with Vivid Ergo Fragment, but no record.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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