Where to Use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P

Use this guide to find out where to use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Where to Use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P
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Lies of P has a fair share of secrets to uncover through hidden NPCs and mysterious items. One mysterious item, the Faded Whistle, in-game description states, “the children blew the whistle for their friends.” So what does this mean exactly? This guide will cover where to use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P.

How to Solve the Faded Whistle Side Quest in Lies of P

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Players can use the Faded Whistle in Lies of P for the sick child hidden in the window near the trash can at Elysion Boulevard. Located near the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer of chapter 2, you will hear coughing from a window with the light on. The sick child inside talks about how he misses his friends and how they used to play with one another. This dialogue is hinting toward the description of the Faded Whistle.

To find the boy, start from the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard and continue straight through the door onto the balcony. Continue onward, over the tiny plank, until you reach the roof. On the right side of this roof, you will find a ladder.

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Take the ladder down, and right across from the ladder, you will find the boy’s location. You can’t see the sick boy as he is hidden in either the trash can or window, but you can interact and speak to him by pressing the talk button.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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When near the sick boy, go into your menu, scroll over to the Collectible tab, and head into your Recollections section. Scroll to the Faded Whistle, select it, and press use. This will cause your character to play the whistle, where the boy will mention his friend’s name and feel a sense of hope! Congratulations, you have solved the side quest that includes the Faded Whistle.

Your reward for completing this side quest is a Radiant Ergo Fragment, which provides 500 Ergo when used. This is a solid reward early on in the game that can help you reach the next level for your character.

The Faded Whistle isn’t the only puzzle players can solve in Lies of P, as Cryptic Vessels also require players to head to a specific location based on an image. Check out our guides on Cryptic Vessels, such as Mechanical and Jeweled!

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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