Sims 4 Nectar Making Guide: All Recipes and Types

All Nectar recipes in The Sims 4.

by Christian Bognar
Sims 4 Nectar Making Guide
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Sims 4 new nectar-making feature allow players to create some fantastic drinks. Players can drink these nectars, enjoy them with their sims friends, and even sell them for a profit. It’s time to get drink mixing with this guide as we go over all the nectar recipes and types in The Sims 4.

All Nectar Recipes in The Sims 4

To start creating nectar drinks in the Sims 4, you must purchase the Rootin Fruit’n Nectar Maker from Build Mode, which costs 350 Simoleons. This machine will allow you to start making various drinks, but you’ll be limited to the amount you can make until you level up your drink-making skills.

Keep making drinks, and you’ll eventually be able to make all the drinks available in the game. Below is the complete list of Nectar drinks in the Sims 4, including ingredients and level requirement to make them.

NectarIngredientsLevel Requirement
Apple3x ApplesLevel 1
Grape3x GrapesLevel 1
Strawberry3x StrawberriesLevel 2
Potato3x PotatoesLevel 2
Prairie Grass3x Prairie Grass HayLevel 3
Trash3x Trash FruitLevel 3
Energy2x Lemons
1x Herb
Level 4
Vitality1x Death Flower
2x Spinach
Level 5
Berry3x BerriesLevel 5
Fruit3x Any type of fruitLevel 5

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How to Get Ingredients for Nectar in The Sims 4

If you run out of ingredients for your drinks, purchase more from the Nectar store or grow them yourself on your ranch. Growing ingredients will lead to fresher drinks and improve your Gardening and Nectar skills simultaneously — making this the best route to get more ingredients for your drinks. Growing your ingredients will also help maximize your profit, as you won’t need to purchase any from the store.

How to Sell Nectar in The Sims 4

Players can sell their Nectar and make money quickly by heading to the grocery store opposite of the Oak Barrel Bar. Selling to this grocery store will reward you with the most Simoleons. Otherwise, Nectar can be sold directly by heading into your inventory and selecting the option.

Remember, selling fresh Nectar made from homegrown ingredients is the best way to get the highest amount of Simoleons. Additionally, you can receive more Simoleons for your drink if they are aged longer. This method may take longer, but it’s the fastest way to make a high profit and the best-tasting drinks!

- This article was updated on July 25th, 2023

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