All New Traits & Aspirations in Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion

Are you wondering what all of the traits and aspirations are in the Horse Ranch DLC for Sims 4?

by Gordon Bicker
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The Sims 4 players who love horses had their wishes answered when the Horse Ranch expansion was released and included all-new Traits and Aspirations — some of which are heavily horse related. While you are busy training your horses and taking care of your other ranch duties, it is beneficial to know what these Traits and Aspirations are. This article will take you through each Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Trait and Aspiration.

Every Sims 4 Horse Ranch Traits and Aspirations

There were two Traits and two Aspirations added alongside the release of the Horse Ranch DLC. This means there isn’t too much information to wrap your head around before you get back into ranching but it is worthwhile taking a quick note of everything. I have listed two tables below in their own sections so you can refer back to them whenever needed during your Horse Ranch endeavors.

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Horse Ranch Expansion Aspirations

Aspiration NameInformation
Championship RiderThe Championship Rider is all related to Horses. Your Sim will want to/can compete in a lot of Horse Competitive Competitions to fulfill this aspiration. Training is going to be one of the key focuses for this Aspiration so if you are wanting to spend as much time as possible around your horses but learning together, this is the Aspiration for you.
Expert Nectar MakerUnsurprisingly with this Aspiration, you will be making a whole lotta Nectar. Not only that but you will be able to make plenty of cash (Simoleons) from doing so: This is because you can sell the Nectar. Having one of your Sims focused on this Aspiration will ensure you have a nice steady flow of cash rolling in while you are taking care of your Ranch.

The Horse Ranch Aspirations are actually highly diverse from others, so I have found it can be a nice change of pace for when you decide to pursue either aspiration as the goal for some of your Sims. I personally recommend giving the Championship Rider aspiration some extra attention first but the Expert Nectar Maker is just as interesting.

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Horse Ranch Expansion Traits

Trait NameInformation
Horse LoverThe Horse Lover trait can go hand in hand with the Championship Rider aspiration. This is because you will find a Sim with this trait to have much easier interactions with horses in terms of caring for them. Of course, they also have a great bond with horses so it acts as the main trait you will want if you love horses.
RancherIf you take a lot of great care with sheep/goats and other livestock on the Ranch then this trait will be one of the key traits for you. Along with that, the Rancher trait also acts as a catch-all and involves you enjoying all of the general Ranch work.

Traits act as some of your Sim’s personality and ultimately highlight what they are interested in. I know that the Horse Lover and Rancher Traits will both be traits you come very familiar with because of the diverse array of activities in the Horse Ranch expansion. There is something for everyone and so you will likely have a lot of your Sims with the Horse Lover or Rancher traits.

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Now that you know all of the Aspirations and Traits in the Horse Ranch pack, you can get back to caring for your horses! I also certainly recommend that you also spend some time researching all of the new build items that were added.

- This article was updated on July 21st, 2023

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