Solar Ash: How to Collect All The Luminous Peak Caches

Here is how to find and collect all caches in The Luminous Peak in order to get the Shephard's Calling Suit.

by Noah Nelson


The Luminous Peak Caches in Solar Ash are the last caches you’ll need in the game. There is a special surprise suit for those who have collected them all, but the suit you get for collecting The Luminous Peak caches will help you out. Without further adieu, here is the guide for finding and collecting all The Luminous Peak caches in Solar Ash.

If you don’t know already, Solar Ash is the newest game from Heart Machine, whose previous game was Hyper Light Drifter. It is a 3D action-adventure platformer with exotic locations inside a black hole. If you find yourself needing extra help locating all of the caches in the game or just need help with a boss, be sure to check out our Solar Ash guides.


Entrance Cache

The most obvious cache you’ll get in The Luminous Peak is the entrance cache. It is found as you make your way deeper into The Luminous Peak. The Voidrunner sigil will tell you to follow a path left. Once you’ve done it, you’ll easily be guided to the first cache which is on top of the building.


Lava Tunnel Cache

Continue forward on the linear path of The Luminous Peaks. Once you are on the section after the crystal castle, you’ll see a cache through a lava tunnel but have no way to get across. Continue climbing the section. Kill all of the enemies and travel to the back of the plateau. If you look down, you’ll see a patch of ground to land on. Jump to it and you’ll be at the other end of the lava tunnel where the cache is.

Floating Island Cache

The floating island behind the island with the lava tunnel cache will be accessible with a red mushroom rail. Hit the red mushroom and quickly round the island to the red receiver. Travel to the floating island and work your way through it by climbing on the black ooze. Use the blue rail to fling yourself high into the air. While airborne, travel backward towards the top of the building. Your cache will be there.


Lava Bridge Cache

The next cache will be on a broken tower that acts like a lava bridge. Once you see a broken section that is lifted up on your left, mount it to find a red mushroom. Hit it and travel to the red receiver. This will create your red rail to get the cache hidden high up on the lava bridge.


Just Keep Skating Cache

As you continue on the linear path through The Luminous Peak, you’ll reach a checkpoint that has a grapple point to your right and a trail of plasma to your left. Take the left trail and you’ll find the cache. The problem is that it is on a field of spiky traps. As Rei says, just keep skating until you break the source at the end. Then, you can safely return to your cache.


Sniper Cache

Once you’ve found the rail that takes you to the floating lava globe above The Luminous Peak, make your way through the area. There will be a seemingly free cache laid before you at one point. The trick is, if you try to snatch it, you’ll be hit by a sniper enemy. You’ll need to go around the platform and clear out all of the enemies guarding the cache. Using The Hand of the Unknown Suit will definitely help in this section.

You have now successfully collected all The Luminous Peak Caches in Solar Ash. If you haven’t found all the caches yet with the help of these guides, you’ll love the suit you get. It is Tufte’s Suit which is called Shepherd’s Calling. What it does is highlight Voidrunner caches when scanning.

As stated above, if you’ve collected all the caches and unlocked all the suits, you’ll be rewarded with the best suit of them all: Tempered Absolution. Not only does this suit look incredible, making Rei glow white and pink, it also combines every bonus of every suit.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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