Sonic Colors Ultimate: Asteroid Coaster Red Star Ring Locations (Act 3+4)

Almost there to 180!

by Elliott Gatica

If you have followed our Sonic Colors: Ultimate Red Star Rings guide this far in, you’re close to unlocking all the Sonic Simulator levels and are just a few steps closer to unlocking Super Sonic. Luckily, with the middle two acts of the Asteroid Coaster world, the rings aren’t hard to get at all. Some might be confusing, but none require much precision or tough platforming. Plus, the fourth act is more like a free space in a game of Bingo.

Asteroid Coaster Act 3 Red Star Ring locations

The rings in this level are going to be really confusing in terms of order. The first ring you would actually be able to get is the 5th one. For some reason, these are categorized in terms of proximity to the Goal Ring, which will be more apparent as you acquire them.


Ring 1

This one is the one closest in proximity to the Goal Ring. However, you’ll have to go through the trouble of the yellow spring part to get the Wisp after the checkpoint. You then have to come back and activate the Blue Cube Wisp to break through several crates and convert the blue cubes into rings. The Red Star Ring will be hidden in the crates hugging the wall.


Ring 2

After getting Ring 3 (see below), make your way back to the initial start of the level as the Pink Wisp form. Crush the boxes and go through those multiple bunches of rings. You’ll reach an area behind the Goal Ring where this ring will be sitting in, surrounded by four 10-value rings.


Ring 3

This will probably be the first ring you can see when starting the level. However, like most of the other Red Rings in this, you have to make that trek with the yellow bouncers to get Wisps that can help Sonic break through crates and get this ring unharmed.


Ring 4

When you get to the end of the yellow bouncer segment, you’ll press a button that will activate two Wisp capsules. Pick the Pink Wisp and activate it. Roll up and to the left until you find an entrance in the ceiling. You’ll see two sets of spikes and some enemies. The 4th Red Ring will be right here.


Ring 5

I do not know why the game considers this to be the fifth ring, but after reaching the first checkpoint, you’ll ride the moving yellow bouncer. There will be a part where pushing walls will be in your way. However, when they are pushed out, land on them and get to the fifth ring.


Asteroid Coaster Act 4 Red Star Ring locations

This level is a unique one. It’s nothing like other acts in the sense that there is no 2D section or actual platforming. It’s just Sonic running around in the quick stepping mode on the rings of a Saturn-looking planet with ladybug Badniks interrupting your session. Each Red Star Ring will appear at some point in this quick Act, so be on the lookout when they show up on screen.


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- This article was updated on September 5th, 2021

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