Sonic Frontiers: All Red Star Rings in 1-4

Time to get collecting!

by Elliott Gatica

This remixed version of Green Hill and Sunset Hill of previous Sonic games will start to feel more like a modern rendition of what we’re used to now. Of course, with this being a numbered stage, there is more than just reaching the goal. Here is where you can find all five of the red star rings of 1-4 in Sonic Frontiers.

All Red Star Rings for 1-4 in Sonic Frontiers

The rings obtained will be listed based on their order of acquisition according to the UI.

Ring 1


After the initial opening cutscene and the big jump, stay to the right in this straight section. There are crates on the bottom right path, concealing some red springs. You can use those to propel yourself into the first ring. Alternatively, you can just get on the high platform and jump your way there.

Ring 2


When you get to the triple-rail grinding segment, jump to the middle rail. Before getting off this part, the second red ring is right there. You may want to approach this section slower because you can miss it when going really fast.

Ring 3


In the next rail grinding section after checkpoint 1, the third red ring is in the middle track. When initially jumping onto this section, start on the left or right rail. Skip the red boost ring in the center. After skipping that first ring, jump back to the center to shoot right into the third ring of 1-4.

Ring 4


After the second checkpoint, proceed like normal. Pass the crabs and once you get to that big dip with the springs on the wall, take the middlemost spring. Taking it will propel you right into ring 4.

Ring 5


Continue like normal through the final stretch of the level until that last ramp jump. In this last straightaway before the goal, the fifth red star ring will be floating in the air just before the two booster pads on the left and right.

With all rings in hand, you’re even closer to unlocking more Chaos Emeralds with those Vault Keys.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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