How to Get More Vault Keys in Sonic Frontiers

The key to the Emeralds!

by Elliott Gatica

Typical Sonic games would usually have one of two endings. You either beat the game with or without the Chaos Emeralds. In Frontiers, the Emeralds are crucial to the game’s story, making it more linear in that regard. They’re now found in vaults that are only unlocked with keys. As you venture around the many locales in Sonic Frontiers, we can help you get more Vault Keys so you can get to the Chaos Emeralds faster!

How to Get Vault Keys in Sonic Frontiers

There are four ways to obtain Vault Keys in the game. With each method and by combining them, you can get more than what you need to unlock each vault in the game.

Defeat Guardians


When unlocking more of the map, you’re going to see icons on the map indicated with two crossing red swords. These are Guardian boss battles. They will have some kind of named intro, so prepare for an extended fight. While they do not guarantee Vault Keys, they can also drop Portal Gears which unlock Zones.

Complete Mission Objectives in Zones


When you play a Zone (i.e. 1-1 Green Hill and so forth), there are four missions you can complete. Each Zone has the same objectives.

  • Reach the goal
  • Clear with Rank S time
  • Clear with x-amount Rings
  • Find all Red Star Rings

Upon completing each one, you’ll be rewarded a Key. Replaying cleared objectives won’t grant more Keys.

Uncover Hidden Objects With Cyloop

When roaming freely in the open worlds, you’ll come across a blue aura emanating from the ground. It’ll be denoted with a box icon and it isn’t a part of a challenge. Occasionally, these contain a Vault Key that counts towards getting another Chaos Emerald.

Go Fishing


Every open-world instance has a fishing spot. Led by the lovable Big the Cat, he lends you a fishing rod to use. With each successful catch, you gain tokens. The bigger and rarer the catch, the more you’ll be given.
Use these tokens and trade them with Big. He has Chaos Emerald Vault Keys on him that you can buy.

Note that he only has a limited stock and can eventually sell out. That does help in gaining more keys!
With the different methods you can use for gaining Vault Keys, you’re that much closer to collecting all the Chaos Emeralds and taking on the Titans!

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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