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Spelunky 2 Multiplayer Guide – How to Play With Friends

Spelunky is better with friends, so here's how to play online.

by Diego Perez


The long-awaited Spelunky 2 is finally here, and Spelunky veterans know that the game is best experienced with friends. Multiplayer in the original Spelunky was restricted to local only, but Spelunky 2 thankfully features online play. You can brave the caves with up to four players, but having a larger group won’t make you invincible against the procedurally generated dangers of Spelunky 2. There are still plenty of shenanigans to be found in Spelunky 2’s levels, and playing with friends just might make everything even more chaotic. This is a complete guide to Spelunky 2 multiplayer.

How to Play Spelunky 2 With Friends

Spelunky 2 supports both local and online multiplayer. To play online, select “Online” from the main menu. From there, you’ll be able to invite friends or search for random players to fill your team. Press Triangle to invite friends, press Square to enable matchmaking, and press X to ready up and start playing.


To play locally with friends, select “Play” from the main menu. From there, select the mode you want to play. “Adventure” is the standard mode, while “Arena” is a competitive mode that features game types like Deathmatch and Hold the Idol. You can play with bots in Arena, but Adventure can only be played with real people. To add additional players to your game, press X on your other controllers.

Does Spelunky 2 Have Crossplay?

Spelunky 2 does not support crossplay. If you’re on PS4, you can only play with other PlayStation 4 players. The same goes for PC players on Steam.

Does Spelunky 2 Have Split-Screen Local Multiplayer?

Spelunky 2 supports local multiplayer for up to four players. To get a local multiplayer game started, select “Play” from the main menu and then either “Adventure” or “Arena.” Additional players can join by pressing X on their controllers.

Spelunky 2 Multiplayer Not Working

If Spelunky 2 multiplayer is not working for you, then there are a few things you can try. First, make sure you’re connected to the internet and that your connection is secure. If you’re on PlayStation 4, then you’ll need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play online. If your friends cannot connect, there could be an issue with your NAT type. If none of these fixes solve your problem, then you’ll have to wait for a patch to be released that addresses multiplayer issues and irons out bugs. Keep an eye on the developer’s Twitter for updates.

Spelunky 2 Online Multiplayer Lag

Some players are reporting that they are experiencing extreme lag in Spelunky 2 online multiplayer. There isn’t a known fix for this yet, but the developers are aware of the issue and are working towards a solution.

Because the game’s multiplayer is server-based, there really aren’t any solutions you can try on your end other than making sure you have a secure connection. In the meantime, join the official Spelunky 2 Discord server for additional support.

- This article was updated on:September 15th, 2020

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