Starfield Absolute Power Guide: Who Should You Blame?

Who should you blame during the Absolute Power mission in Starfield?

by Christian Bognar
Who should You Blame Absolute Power Guide
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Starfield has many missions that require the player to make a decision. Depending on a player’s choice, it can affect the reward and outcome of future missions. The mission Absolute Power requires the player to place blame on someone for the virus on Generdyne Company. This guide will go over all outcomes for the three choices, as well as a recommendation on which to pick for the Absolute Power mission in Starfield.

Who Should You Blame During the Absolute Power Mission in Starfield?

Players have three options when the CEO of Generdyne Company asks, “Who provided the virus.” You can either choose to blame yourself, blame Estelle, or blame Breyson Bayu. I recommend telling the truth and blaming Estelle Vincent since your companion will approve, and there aren’t many consequences.

Keep reading as we review each outcome for the Absolute Power mission in Starfield.

Blame Estelle Vincent Outcome

Blaming Estelle Vincent will have the CEO, Benjamin Bayu, and your companion approve your choice. The CEO will allow you to leave and inform you that he will deal with Estelle. The only downfall of this choice is that the Crimson Fleet will disapprove, considering you got one of their critical members killed.

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Blame Breyson Bayu Outcome

If you blame Breyson Bayu, the CEO’s brother, Benjamin will inform you that he will go ahead and kill him. Your companion will disapprove of this choice and lower your affinity with them, which is never good. Additionally, Estelle will leave the Crimson Fleet unless you pay her for losing the virus.

Blame Yourself Outcome

The worst choice to pick is blaming yourself and telling Benjamin that you were the one who provided the virus. This decision will cause Benjamin to kick you out of the area and place a bounty on your head. He will also tell authorities that you murdered someone in Neon, causing Bounty Hunters to try and track you down.

While your companion will approve, this is the biggest annoyance since you must watch your back until the bounty is paid and bounty hunters are killed.

All in all, the best decision is to blame Estelle and be done with it. Your companion will approve, you’ll get to leave freely, and no one will track you down to try to kill you!

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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