Starfield Boost Pack Training Leveling Guide | Best Places to Boost Jump in Combat

Here are the best places and ways to level Boost Pack Training in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Best Places to Boost Jump and Level Boost Pack Training Skill Starfield
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The Boost Pack Training Skill in Starfield is a great way to increase the speed of your character, helping with navigating planets and avoiding bullets during combat. Leveling this skill requires the player to boost a certain number of times during combat until eventually reaching rank 4. This guide will cover the best places in Starfield to boost jump in combat.

Best Places to Level the Boost Pack Training Skill in Starfield

Starfield has a lot of combat sequences, so players should have no problem leveling the Boost Pack Training skill quickly. Below you will find the best places to boost jump in combat, resulting in reaching rank 4 for this valuable skill.

Run the Red Mile

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The Red Mile is an event held in the Porrima Star System on the Porrima III planet. The event requires you to run from one edge of a stadium to the other, turn on a switch, and return to the start. Along the way, you will find a handful of enemy creatures. Instead of killing the enemy creatures immediately, you can use your boost pack constantly to level up the Boost Pack Training skill. If done right, you can reach rank four using this method.

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Visit Planets with Enemy Bases

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Another way to level up the Boost Pack training skill is by visiting enemy bases on planets. Enemy bases can be challenging to find, but using mission boards found in major cities has the chance to lead you to them. When you visit these bases, boost as much as possible before killing all the enemies, leveling up your Boost Pack Training skill quickly. To avoid getting killed, boost to the left and right, avoiding enemy gunfire.

Complete Main Missions

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Reaching rank 4 for the Boost Pack Training skill right at the start of a playthrough is not that important. Compared to the rest of the skills in the game, reaching rank 4 for Boost Pack Training is easy by just naturally playing through the game’s main missions. Each main mission, more often than not, leads you to combat. All you have to do is remember to boost as you play through these combat scenarios, and you will naturally see your Boost Pack Training Skill leveling up.

Boost Pack Training Leveling Requirements

Knowing the requirements for each rank of the Boost Pack Training skill in Starfield is essential. Remember that every time you rank up, you will be allowed to boost more, as your Boost Pack will use less fuel for each use. Here are the requirements for each rank.

  • Rank 1 – Invest one skill point into the Tech skill tree for Boost Pack Training.
  • Rank 2 – Boost jump 10 times while in combat.
  • Rank 3 – Boost jump 25 times while in combat.
  • Rank 4 – Boost jump 50 times while in combat.

You need to boost jump 85 times to reach rank 4. You should be fine reaching this number quickly by following the methods mentioned in this guide.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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