Starfield Captain’s Bounty: Should You Turn in Adella Faheem?

Which decision should you make for the Captain's Booty side quest in Starfield?

by Christian Bognar
Adella Faheem Starfield
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Some missions in Starfield require you to make a choice that can alter your playthrough of that mission. On the other hand, some quests ask you to make a choice but don’t change the outcome. What is the situation with the Captain’s Bounty side quest? Read further to learn whether you should turn in Adella Faheem in Starfield or protect her and the outcomes of both decisions.

What Happens if You Turn in Adella Faheem in Starfield?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

During the Captain’s Bounty quest in Starfield, a lady named Adella Faheem is scared due to a Bounty Hunter being on the lookout for her. The Bounty Hunter is located in the bar to her right, and when you speak to him, you’re only option is to lie and say you are Adella Faheem. This is when you can either persuade him to let you go (impersonating Adella) or change your mind and say that you are not Faheem.

The outcomes of each decision are similar, and I made sure of it by loading a save file and trying both. The only difference is that protecting Faheem and successfully persuading the Bounty Hunter rewards you with more credits. Doing this will reward you with 5,300 credits. If you change your mind and say you are not Adella Faheem, the Bounty Hunter won’t believe you and will fight you in a shootout. Defeating him and returning to Faheem will only grant you 2,500 credits.

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At the end of the day, it’s best to take your chances to persuade the Bounty Hunter to let you go while impersonating Faheem. You get the most credits, and you don’t have to fight the guy in a shootout (if you successfully persuade him), who is pretty challenging to defeat. Even with a low rank in the Persuasion skill, you should be fine being successful when selecting the persuade dialogue option.

The mission will conclude once you return to Adella Faheem and accept your reward. She will still be grateful for your time and effort, whatever your decision.

- This article was updated on September 6th, 2023

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