Starfield Alternating Currents: Should You Side With Louisa or Zoe

This escalated quickly from a case of some simple diverted power.

by J.R. Waugh
Alternating Currents Side with Louisa or Zoe in Starfield
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If you’ve been exploring The Well under New Atlantis in Starfield, you may have encountered the overworked Louisa Reyez from MAST. The well-intentioned representative is simply doing her part in looking into brownouts causing improper distribution of power in the area. But in doing so, she has been forced to work with the Trade Authority, placing her at odds with Zoe from the local chapter. In the Alternating Currents mission, you’re given a chance to give Louisa or Zoe the information about the cause of the brownouts in Starfield, so be sure to consider the options.

Should You Side With Louisa From MAST or Zoe From the Trade Authority in Starfield?

There is no lasting benefit to choosing either of these, unlike some quests in Starfield: telling Zoe or Louisa will get you the same results. Zoe promises vague rewards for garnering favor with the Trade Authority but you’ll find you can get work with them later either way.

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Louisa doesn’t provide rewards, but telling her the truth is a reasonable choice: it’s the right thing to do, it was a plot to steal from the GalBank. Even if you choose Zoe with this knowledge, she’ll disclose it to Louisa, but not reveal the Trade Authority’s knowledge of the plot.

What Are the Rewards For Your Choice?

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Either way, you receive 5300 credits regardless of whether you choose Zoe or Louisa. Given how quickly you resolve this quest, and the more rewarding mini-puzzles and exploration of The Well this quest provides, your bonuses, in this case, are more subtle. Generally, the longer questlines such as the Vanguard or Freestar Rangers will be the ones with the more consequential choices.

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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