A Legacy Forged: Should You Lie or Tell the Cabinet About Vae Victis in Starfield?

Tick tock, Captain.

by J.R. Waugh
Should You Lie or Tell the Cabinet About Vae Victis in Starfield
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You’ve gone to hell and back in the UC Vanguard questline of Starfield. During your perilous journey to Londinion you no doubt came across a startling discovery about who is responsible for the terrormorph attacks on Tau Ceti II and Jemison. It turns out that the person behind the rapid emergence of these terrifying predators has been pulling your strings for some time. Here’s your chance to bring justice down on Vae Victis, mastermind of these crimes. But he has an interesting proposition, so should you tell the cabinet about Vae Victis, or lie and cover up his crimes in Starfield?

Should You Tell the Cabinet About Vae Victis or Lie in Starfield?

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If you lie to the cabinet, Vae Victis stays alive and makes you his hitman in Starfield, and this is the more useful option. While both choices get you some credits and your citizenship in New Atlantis, Doctor Orlase was set up to take the fall for Victis, and upsetting how easy it is to convince the board of this.

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You’ll have met with Vae Victis beforehand and he asks you to consider this option, so hear him out and weigh the options. Keep in mind, that you will be able to do this regardless of whether you told Hadrian he was still alive.

If You Lie to the Cabinet About Reginald Orlase

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Simply stick to your story and hold that it was Orlase, they’ll believe you, and there isn’t even a persuasion check. You’ll have continuous access to Victis and a loop of the Preventive Action quest, where he sends you after enemies he sees as better off dead.

You usually have one weaker target on a planet or location in a nearby solar system, surrounded by tougher mercs or pirates. The loot is the best part with these guaranteed large encounters.

If You Tell the Cabinet About Vae Victis and His Crimes in Starfield

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If you choose to tell the truth as chosen by my colleague Thomas Cunliffe, you’ll still receive your money and citizenship. However, Victis will disappear from his holding unit in Subsection Seven, leaving behind a note for you along with access to his room. Of the two, this is more underwhelming but does paint him more in a Hannibal Lecter role, the killer mastermind who got away.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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