Starfield Delivering Devils: Should you Clear the Deep Mines, Break into the Trade Authority, or Pay Percival’s Debt?

The most optimal choice for completing Starfield's "Delivering Devils" quest doesn't involve digging into your own pockets.

by Thomas Cunliffe
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During Starfield’s UC Vanguard questline, you’re tasked with tracking down Percival Walker to study the chunk of terrormorph you collected earlier. Unfortunately, Dr. Walker isn’t an easy man to find and won’t come out of hiding until his debts are paid. You have three options: Pay Percival’s debt yourself, break into the Trade Authority and reduce his debt, or clear out the Deep Mines to collect research and make a quick profit. But which one is the best choice for your character?

Which Option Should You Pick in the ‘Delivering Devils’ Quest in Starfield

No matter which option you choose, you’ll need to visit the Deep Mines toward the end of the Delivering Devils quest. This alone makes clearing out the Deep Mines the best choice, but there are also plenty of extra goodies to collect by following this route.

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The Spacers in the Deep Mine can hold some decent loot, and taking each one out rewards you with XP. While not guaranteed, a Spacer I killed dropped my very first Legendary weapon. Not to mention that you won’t have to spend any of your precious Credits — unless you’re running low on ammo.

You also get the recipe for the Pick-Me-Up drug, which temporarily increases your Carry Capacity. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get an extra 1000 credits from your business proposal. Simply put, there are no downsides to following this path.

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Change Percival’s Debt

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Changing Percival’s debt requires at least one rank in Security to lockpick a door in Cydonia. You won’t gain anything special by following this route other than an extra contribution to your Security Rank challenge.

To reach the locked door and change Percival’s debt, go behind the counter of the Broken Spear bar. Walk up the stairs and follow the path until you see a room on the right. Enter this room, open the door, and lockpick the grey door at the bottom of the stairs.

Pay Percival’s Debt

Percival’s debt totals up to an eye-watering 21,867 Credits. You can pay it off in full if you feel exceptionally charitable, but we highly recommend that you don’t. Ship parts are expensive enough without the extra expenditure.

How to Find the Mine and Kill the Space Leader in Starfield

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Talk to Cambridge Cooper in the corner of the Sixth Circle bar to listen to his business proposal. At the end of your conversation, the Deep Mine will be marked with a blue hexagon. The Deep Mine is a quick sprint away from Cydonia, so there’s no reason to get back on your ship.

Work your way through the Mine and eliminate any Spacer you find until you reach their leader. Do what needs to be done, check for any spicy loot, and head to the intercom marked on your HUD.

Cambridge will ask you to mine a sample of aqueous hematite with your Cutter and run it through a scan to gather the recipe needed. Simply follow the waypoints here and return to Cydonia when you’re done. Since you need aqueous hematite to craft Pick-Me-Up, we recommend scouring the area and collecting as many as possible.

If the Spacers are causing you too much trouble, check out our guide on using grenades and mines in Starfield. For when you’re a UC citizen, we also have a guide on buying your very own apartment in New Atlantis.

Author’s Note: This guide was written while playing Starfield on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2023

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