Starfield Commerce Leveling Guide | Best Method to Buy and Sell Unique Items Fast

Check out the best method to buy and sell unique items in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
Level Commerce Fast in Starfield
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The Commerce Skill is one of the best skills to max out early, as it allows you to sell for more and buy for less. This ability results in more credits in your pocket, allowing you to purchase more expensive items and ships in your playthrough. This guide will cover the fastest way to level the Commerce skill in Starfield.

Best Ways to Buy and Sell Unique Items Fast in Starfield

We will go over two methods to level the Commerce skill in Starfield fast: one goes over selling unique items, and the other over buying unique items. Here are the best methods to buy and sell unique items in Starfield for Commerce.

Note: An item is considered unique when you haven’t sold or bought it before.

Best Method to Sell Unique Items – Use Your Ship’s Cargo Hold

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The best way to level Commerce in Starfield is by selling items in your Ship’s cargo hold. Usually, your ship’s cargo is littered with junk; if not, you can quickly fill it up in two ways.

One, You can destroy ships in space combat and loot the ships. You can easily find ships to destroy through the Crimson Fleet missions on the Freestar Rangers mission board. Or, two, you can modify or upgrade your Ship in the Ship Builder at a Ship Technician. Every time you modify your Ship, every piece of loot from the modified part will end up in your ship’s cargo.

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When you have your ship’s cargo filled with items, all you need to do is grab one item of each category available. For example, one Aluminum, one Amino Acid, and so forth. Then, bring all these items to a vendor and sell all of them.

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You only need to sell 250 unique items to reach rank 4 for the Commerce skill (while investing a skill point for each rank). Each item must be different to be considered a “unique” item.

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Best Method to Buy Unique Items – Purchase One Item of Each Category From Vendors

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While the first method is faster (remember you can sell OR buy to level Commerce), this is also one that works well. There are tons of vendors across the game’s cities in Starfield, so you can bounce between vendors for this method when one runs out of stock.

All you need to do is go through each category such as resource, aid, weapon, etc., in the vendor’s inventory and buy one of each. For example, one medkit, one Adaptive Frame, until you reach 250 purchases. You can quickly get to 250 unique items with this method, as long as you have the credits to do so.

If you are short on credits, you can sell items or steal ships in space and sell them for a profit at a Ship Technician.

Commerce Skill Leveling Requirements

Using the methods mentioned in this guide will have you reaching rank 4 for Commerce the quickest way possible. Remember that you must invest a skill point for each rank, so complete missions to level up. Below you can find all the requirements for each rank of the Commerce skill in Starfield.

  • Rank 1 – Invest 1 skill point into Commerce on the Social tree.
  • Rank 2 – Buy or Sell 25 Unique Items.
  • Rank 3 – Buy or Sell 75 Unique Items.
  • Rank 4 – Buy or Sell 150 Unique Items.

In total, you need to buy or sell 250 unique items to reach rank 4. As you level up Commerce, you can buy for less and sell for more! This leads to more credits in your pocket overall.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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