Starfield Decontamination Leveling Guide | How to Recover From Infections

by Alejandro Josan
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While planets may have extreme weather due to their obvious dangerous conditions like extreme heat, cold, or radioactive fallout, sometimes the smallest of threats can be the deadliest. Microbes can become very lethal in Starfield, so getting rid of these infections is a priority whether you feel you can walk it off or not. Here is how to increase the Decontamination skill and how to recover from infections in Starfield.

Starfield Decontamination Leveling Guide

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Decontamination is an Expert-tier skill from the Physical Skill Tree. This means that before unlocking this skill, you will have to spend 8 skill points in the Physical Skill Tree. Both unique unlocks and skill rank-ups count towards this tally. This skill will increase your chances of recovering from infections without the need for medication, as well as diminishing the probability of getting one in the first place. To rank up or level up the Decontamination skill, you will have to recover multiple times from infections. Note that infections are separate from other afflictions, and they are identified by the purple pill icon.

Decontamination RankChallengeEffects
1Spend 8 Skill Points in the Physical Skill Tree.Slightly increased chance to recover from infections naturally.
2Recover from 5 infections.Moderately increased chance to recover from infections naturally.
3Recover from 15 infections.Noticeably increased chance to recover from infections naturally.
4Recover from 30 infections.20% chance of not gaining an infection when you otherwise would.

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How to Recover From Infections

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To recover from infections in Starfield, you will have to treat yourself by using Antibiotics. You can find them at each Reliant Medical center as well as minor vendors across the galaxy. Alternatively, you can visit said Reliant Medical centers and talk to the doctor on duty to heal your wounds. The doctor will heal your infection as well as any other affliction. You even get to fill your health bar to the max as well.

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Carry some Antibiotics with you so you will be able to cure any infections you may acquire during your interstellar travels. These are not as obvious as other afflictions, so acquiring them can be a major setback if they are strong enough. Take care of yourself and go to the doctor often. Do that in Starfield as well!

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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