Starfield Executive Assistant Job Posting Answers

Here are all Starfield Executive Assistant job posting answers so you can get your dream job!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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As you progress through the Red Tape Blues quest line in Starfield, you will eventually arrive on Deimos and converse with Trevor. Later on, you will be allowed to become an executive assistant to Peter Brennan. As part of the process, you must fill out a job application, including a multiple-choice questionnaire. Suppose you are unsure about the answers for the Executive Assistant job posting. In that case, you can find a complete list of every Executive Assistant job application question and answer in Starfield’s Red Tape Blues quest below.

All Executive Assistant Job Application Answers in Starfield for the Red Tapes Blues Quest

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The table below shows all seven Executive Assistant job posting questions and the answers you should choose to get the position for the Red Tape Blues quest in Starfield.

Question 1: How many years of experience do you have as an executive, administrative, or other corporate assistant?5-10 years.
Question 2: What is the highest level of education you have completed?Bachelor’s Degree.
Question 3: The Executive wants you to bring them a “whiskey, neat.” What does that mean?About 43 ml shot of whiskey, served in a glass at room temp.
Question 4: A VIP arrives at the office for a meeting with the Executive, who is inexplicably running late. What should you do?Offer drinks. Apologize, assure that the exec will return soon.
Question 5: A malfunction prevents the Executive’s starship from starting up, and they need to go to an important offworld meeting soon. What course of action do you take?Use the company credits to immediately charter an expensive luxury craft.
Question 6: While handling the Executive’s email, you come across a message from someone claiming to have damaging information about the Executive. What should you do?Take the info to the board of directors so they can handle it.
Question 7: The Executive contacts you and asks you to see them in their office in the middle of the night. You can tell they are drunk. What do you do?Contact security and let them deal with it.

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How to Complete Red Tape Blues in Starfield

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This is a bit of a trick quest because whatever Starfield Executive Assistant job posting answers you choose doesn’t matter. This is because you’ll hack into the HR computer and delete other applications, ensuring your name is the only one that shows up. To do so, you will return to Cydonia’s Central Hub area, wait until 6:00 PM Local Time, and then hack into Tia’s computer when she leaves for the day.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.

- This article was updated on September 3rd, 2023

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