Starfield Geology Leveling Guide | Best Places to Harvest Inorganic Resources

They are not rocks. They are minerals!

by Alejandro Josan
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Crafting and researching new technologies will require you to have some natural resources in your inventory. These are called inorganic materials and are scattered all across the galaxy. Moreover, one skill in Starfield is deeply related to your ability to harvest these materials. Here is how to level up your Geology skill in Starfield and where to harvest inorganic resources.

Starfield Geology Leveling Guide

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Geology skill is a Novice-tier skill in Starfield located at the Science Skill Tree. This means that there are no prerequisites for you to get it by spending a Skill Point. The Geology skill is your ability to collect minerals from planet and moon surfaces. The higher the rank, the better yield and rarity you get to mine. To rank up and level your Geology skill, you will have to harvest inorganic resources. This only applies to minerals and resources you find on surfaces and caves. Plants are not considered for your Geology tally count.

Geology RankChallengeEffects
1None.Get more common and uncommon inorganic resources from surface objects.
2Harvest inorganic resources from 20 sources.Get more rare inorganic resources from surface objects.
3Harvest inorganic resources from 50 sources.Get more exotic inorganic resources from surface objects.
4Harvest inorganic resources from 100 sources.Occasionally harvest additional rarer resources from surface objects.

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Best Places to Harvest Inorganic Resources

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As you might expect from what the Geology skill is about, visiting planets and moons is the best way to harvest the inorganic resources. Exploring the galaxy’s systems and its planets and moons is the best way to collect minerals and other resources. You might want to level up your Weight Lifting skill as well so that you can carry more inorganic materials at once.

Be sure to scan the planet or moon’s surfaces to take a sneak peek at what resources you will find. Then, double-click on each of the colored areas on the planet to land and start collecting your resources using your cutter. You can also set up outposts and extractors so you can passively collect inorganic materials while you go and do even more fun stuff across the galaxy.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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