Starfield: How to Find the Strix System for XP Farming

Here's how you can get to the Strix System in Starfield and farm XP.

by Christian Bognar
Image showcasing a ship in space with a white, gold, and red colouring in Starfield.
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Are you looking for the Strix System in Starfield? This faraway planet is an excellent location for XP farming and can help level your character quickly. Knowing exactly where Strix is located can be tricky, considering the game has so many planets. This guide will walk you through finding the Starfield Strix System.

Where is the Strix System in Starfield?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can find the Strix System in Starfield by going all the way right on the Starmap. Keep going until the screen won’t move anymore, and you can find the Strix System at the top of the map. More specifically, it is the third system to the left from the edge of the screen. Check out the image attached for a reference point.

Keep in mind that you may need a higher level ship to grav jump to this planet, considering it is deep into space. If you have trouble reaching the Strix System in Starfield due to a grav drive that can’t go the distance, stop at a Ship Technician and purchase a ship with a higher Grav level. You can tell if a ship has a higher Grave level than the one you currently have by looking at the stats on the left-hand side of the screen. Blue numbers represent a higher stat.

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Farming in the Strix System

Once you open the Strix System map, select Strix 1 and choose the option to land on a Craters terrain location. When you land on Strix 1, you will encounter flying enemies resembling aliens. Killing these flying creatures is effortless, and they range from level 1 to 75 and reward you with a high amount of experience points.

The flying enemies can hurt you, though. Remember to make sure you keep a good distance, and you should be fine. Out of all the locations for farming experience points, the Strix System seems to be the best spot for the quickest and easiest XP farming.

- This article was updated on September 15th, 2023

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