Starfield: How to Remove an Outpost

Here's how you can remove an outpost in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
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In classic Bethesda fashion, there are a lot of customization options in Starfield. Whether you want to spend hours creating your dream spaceship or making an incredible-looking outpost, there is a lot of freedom to be had. Sometimes, you may create an outpost you do not like or want to remove for other reasons. This guide will explain how to remove an outpost in Starfield.

How to Delete an Outpost in Starfield

Players can remove an outpost in Starfield by approaching the main beacon in the area and pressing and holding the button prompt that appears. If you aren’t familiar with the beacon, know it is the one you place down at the start of creating a new outpost. The beacon also allows you to rename the outpost if you come up with a name more fitting to your personality.

What Does An Outpost Do in Starfield?

There are many reasons to build an outpost in Starfield, and it can help the player in numerous ways. For example, creating an outpost will allow players to add important buildings focusing on specific tasks such as mining resources, power sources, habitation, and even particular fields such as science and military. Adding to the outpost will allow your crew members to work while you are away, increasing special abilities for your character and gathering materials.

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All Outpost Stats in Starfield

As you build a new outpost, you must know what all the stats mean. Below, we have compiled a list of all outpost stats so you can better prepare for your next outpost creation.

  • Cargo – How much cargo space do you have.
  • Crew – How many crew members a specific task/building need or can take.
  • Needed PWR – The total amount of power your outpost requires to run correctly.
  • Total PWR – Total power currently being generated.
  • Production (min) – The amount of resources that are being produced over time.
  • Build Limit – The budget you have to build new facilities in your outpost.

Now that you know how to remove an outpost and your future creations’ specific needs and stats, you can maximize them to their full potential.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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