Starfield Iron Farming Guide: How to Get Iron Fast in Starfield

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by Alejandro Josan
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Collecting resources may not be the funniest of activities to do in a universe where you can hop on a ship and achieve interstellar travel. So, if you must collect them, you might as well do it in the best and fastest way possible. Here is how to get Iron fast in Starfield.

How to Get Iron Fast in Starfield

Iron is one of the many resources you can get by exploring the cosmos and walking across the 1000 planets and their specific biomes. You can use Iron for crafting weapon mods as well as Research Project ingredients. While many planets across the stars have a lot of iron reserves on their surface for you to collect or mine, the fastest way to farm Iron is by destroying asteroids. Once again, the fastest way to achieve things is to destroy other things. Go figure.

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Many planets in Starfield have Iron inside them. To uncover them you will first have to shoot them with your ship’s weapons. Eventually, they will drop a Mineral Deposit which you can loot to collect your Iron. The bigger the asteroid, the bigger the Iron yield. However, be wary that there are many types of asteroids across the game that carry different types of resources inside them. In my case, I found a good asteroid Iron farming place in Sirius III’s orbit, located in the Sirius system, just next to Alpha Centauri.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Keep firing your weapons toward the asteroids so you can fill up your ship’s cargo with Iron. You will then be able to use it to craft and research as much as you like. Another way to obtain Iron is to purchase it, but why spend credits when you can just shoot these beautiful space rocks? Good luck with those asteroids!

- This article was updated on September 12th, 2023

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