Starfield Katana Location: How to Get the Wakizashi

This guide will cover how to get the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get Wakizashi Katana in Starfield
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One of Starfield’s most fun builds to create is one that focuses on melee. There are quite a few melee weapons to choose from in the game, but nothing beats a Katana. There is one Katana that players can get early in their playthrough, called the Wakizashi. With a fast-paced playstyle and high damage, it is a Katana every player should take advantage of. This guide will cover how to get the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield.

Where to Buy the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield

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Starfield players can get the Wakizashi Katana in Neon City in the Volii Star System. Once you arrive at Neon City, head to Madame Sauvage’s Palace, a bar located right near the elevators when you enter the city. Enter the bar and speak to Andrea Sandoval, who is standing to the right of the bar.

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Tell Andrea you would like to speak to her gang leader, Briggs, and she will comply and bring you upstairs to meet him. Tell Briggs you would like to join The Strikers (the gang’s name), and he will send you out on a mission called “The Audition.” It’s a quick mission that requires you to steal some gear from a room in Neon City, so follow the waypoint and complete it.

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After gathering the gear for Briggs and completing The Audition, speak to him again, and he will initiate you into The Strikers gang. Once you are finished speaking to him, talk to the vendor in the same room as Briggs. She goes by the name Hatchet.

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Ask what she has for sale, select weapons, and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase the Wakizashi Katana.

The Wakizashi Katana is one of many valuable items the vendor has for sale. In fact, her inventory is filled with strong weapons such as the Refined Tombstone Rifle, a Modified Advanced Maelstrom, a Barrow Knife, and much more!

- This article was updated on September 29th, 2023

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