Starfield Lost & Found Guide: Lost Slate, Wedding Ring, Thermos, and Keycard Locations

Use this guide to find all the items for the Lost and Found quest in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
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You may have come across the Paradiso Hotel in Starfield, a massive hotel on the beach. There are a lot of NPCs to chat with at this location, some even offering extensive side quests to take on. Dirk, the receptionist, provides the side quest called “Lost and Found,” which sends you on a mission to find lost items around the hotel. This guide will walk you through where to find the thermos, wedding ring, slate, and keycard in Starfield.

Keycard Location

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After accepting the Lost and Found quest from Dirk in Starfield and looking at the computer, head to the elevator on the left side of the lobby. Take the elevator to the 5th floor and look near the red couches in the corner of the room. On the ground, you will find the lost keycard for the Lost and Found side quest in Starfield.

Lost Slate Location

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Use the same elevator you used to find the keycard and ride it to the hotel’s rooftops. Take a right out of the elevator, and you can find the lost slate on the ground next to a white couch. Take out your scanner to make it easier to locate since it will highlight the item.

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Lost Thermos Location

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Exit the Paradiso Hotel from the main entrance where Dirk is working and take a left. Continue down the walkway towards the spaceport, and you’ll eventually encounter a small building on the right-hand side. Up against the wall of this building, you will find the lost thermos for the Lost and Found quest. Use your scanner to highlight it, especially if it’s night out.

Lost Wedding Ring Location

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Lastly, you can find the lost wedding ring on the beach. Head to the beach from the entrance of the Paradiso Hotel (left out of the entrance), and you will find huts resting on the sand. The wedding ring is in the bushes against the hut on the left side of the beach. The wedding ring can be hard to spot, but go slowly and use your scanner to highlight it.

Once you find all the items for the Lost and Found quest, bring them back to Dirk at the front desk. He will thank you for your time and effort and reward you with 2100 credits. You will also get 50 experience points for your trouble.

- This article was updated on September 11th, 2023

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