Starfield No Sudden Moves Quest Guide | All Choices and Outcomes

Here are all the choices and outcomes during the No Sudden Moves quest in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
No Sudden Moves Escape
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No Sudden Moves is a main quest in Starfield that challenges you to take an artifact from a ship called the Scow. When you reach this location, you will encounter Captain Petrov, a character with the artifact in his possession. Petrov doesn’t want you to take the artifact, so you must find a way to convince him. This guide will cover all choices and outcomes in Starfield’s No Sudden Moves quest.

All Choices and Outcomes for No Sudden Moves in Starfield

When you first encounter Captain Petrov during the No Sudden Moves quest in Starfield, you must persuade him to see the artifact in his possession. If you fail the persuasion check, you can pickpocket him to steal the key to the vault, leading to the artifact.

After the persuasion check and succeeding, Captain Petrov will bring you to the artifact location. Petrov will go on and on about how the artifact is his, and he won’t give it to you. Here, you will need to make a choice — attack Petrov or steal the artifact. Let’s go over both choices and outcomes in the following section.

Attack Captain Petrov Choice

If you choose the attack option, Petrov will call for his guards and tell them to attack you. All you need to do here is damage Petrov a little bit until he falls to his knees and surrenders. If successful, Petrov will call off his guards and let you take the artifact without trouble.

If you choose the attack option, you mustn’t kill Petrov to avoid dealing with the UC Navy.

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Kill Captain Petrov Choice

If you end up killing Petrov during the attacking phase, the entire ship will be hostile, and you will have to deal with tons of guards. Killing Petrov and his guards will make you a wanted criminal by the UC Navy, meaning you’ll have to deal with them at other locations.

Steal the Artifact Choice

If you steal the artifact from the pedestal, Petrov will call for his guards to attack you. This can lead to a brutal fight that could result in your death. It is almost impossible to steal the artifact without being noticed.

Even if you successfully stole the key from Petrov earlier in the mission, tons of guards on the ship can easily catch you sneaking into the artifact safe.

Best Choice for the No Sudden Moves Quest in Starfield

All in all, the best option to choose is to attack Petrov and damage him only a little. It took me one shot to have Petrov surrender and allow me to take the artifact without questions. Everyone on the ship let me go unharmed, and the UC Navy was never alerted.

- This article was updated on October 6th, 2023

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