Starfield Ryujin Industries Job Application Answers

Get ready for a new job in Neon!

by J.R. Waugh
Ryujin Industries Job Interview Application Starfield
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Even in a future where mankind has blasted off among the stars, scoring a 9-5 can be tricky in Starfield. Ship parts are expensive, ammunition may need to be replenished between encounters with pirates, and sometimes you need to buy some meds after standing on a gas vent for too long. In short, you might find yourself needing an income, and Ryujin Industries on Volii Alpha hat that opportunity for you. Here are the answers if you’re unsure how you can ace the Ryujin Industries job application in Starfield!

How to Get All Job Application Answers Right on Ryujin Industries Job Application in Starfield

You can give the worst possible answers and still get the job when you’re interviewing as part of the application process at Ryujin Industries in Starfield. The truth is, no matter how passionate or nonchalant you are about getting the job, it’s entry-level, and they’ll immediately send you on a coffee run. In a way, it hits a little close to home.

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The interesting part is that you can choose a persuasion check that doesn’t even start. She’s not interested in negotiating, it’s clear that they’re just looking to fill the role with anybody who sits in that chair. Imogene Salzo lets you technically speak but is really only interested in hiring a lackey as it’s a probationary role. Frankly, it’s one of the safer ways to make money compared to some methods in Starfield.

How Do You Know You Got the Job at Ryujin Industries?

Imogene will say you got the job and send you to TerraBrew to get coffee. It can be especially demeaning if you answer about your specific passions and potential as an asset to the company, but it gets worse. When you get to the TerraBrew, you run into Tomo, the person whose job you were just given, having worked for 4 years doing exactly what you’re doing. But it’s a living, right?

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