Starfield Ship Weapon Types Explained: Ballistic, Laser, Missile, and Particle

This guide will explain all ship weapon types in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Starfield Space Combat
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As you create a ship, you’ll notice many weapons to choose from. All these weapons are broken down into five categories: Ballistic, Laser, Missile, Particle, and Electromagnetic. It’s important to know what each stands for and what they specialize in, as knowing this crucial information can help finalize your ship’s build. This guide will explain all ship weapon types in Starfield.

All Ship Weapon Types in Starfield

Knowing what a weapon focuses on can help create the best ship possible. Each weapon type deals its unique kind of damage. Below, you will find all types of ship weapons in Starfield and what they aim to do.

  • Ballistic – Deals extra damage to the ship’s Hull.
  • Energy/Laser – Deals extra damage to the ship’s shield.
  • Missile – Deals equal damage to both the ship’s Hull and shield. Locks on and does not miss.
  • Particle – Deals physical and energy damage to both the ship’s Hull and shield.
  • Electromagnetic – Designed to mess with and destroy enemy ship’s systems. Great for malfunctioning a ship and stealing it.

As you can see, weapons have their purposes and can excel in different situations. If you’re going for the most balanced approach to damage output against enemy ships, you will want to focus on Missile and Particle weapon types. These two weapon types deal equal damage to the ship’s Hull and shield, allowing for the highest overall damage and quickest way to destroy ships.

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How to Get More Ship Weapons in Starfield

Players can get new weapons for their ship by visiting any Ship Technician in the game. Ship technicians are generally found next to a spaceport in any major city and are represented by a sign that states “Ship Services.” Remember that the weapons inventory will be limited at the beginning of your playthrough.

To unlock more ship parts and weapons at the Starship Technician, you must invest skill points into Starship Design. As you level up Starship Design, each rank will increase the inventory size at Ship Technicians, providing more weapon options.

- This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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