Starfield Theft Leveling Guide | Best People and Places to Pickpocket

Learn how to level the Theft skill fast in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Starfield Theft Leveling Guide
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Theft is an important skill in Starfield, allowing you to pickpocket targets and steal some rare and valuable goodies. As you level up Theft, you’ll increase the success rate of pickpocketing, lowering the chance of getting caught while doing so. This guide will cover the best places and methods to level Theft in Starfield.

Where Should You Go to Level Theft in Starfield?

The best place to pickpocket people for the theft skill in Starfield are enemy bases. More importantly, it’s crucial to bring an EM weapon that stuns enemies, such as the Novablast Disruptor. An EM weapon focused on stunning your targets will allow you to pickpocket the entire base, going unnoticed.

It will also help if you use the Void Form power, turning you invisible for a short period. This will increase your chances of going unnoticed as you move around the enemy base, pickpocketing everyone in the area.

You can find enemy bases by accepting objectives on a mission board, such as the Freestar Rangers in Akila City, or discovering them naturally through exploration. If you prefer the latter, follow the symbol on your scanner that reads “unknown,” which usually leads you to an enemy base.

When you reach the enemy base, enter stealth mode and ready your EM stun weapon to incapacitate the enemies. Then, when the enemy cannot move, sneak behind them and pickpocket. Repeating this process will have you reaching rank 4 for the Theft skill in no time.

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How to Get the Novablast Disruptor for Stunning Enemies

The best weapon to stun enemies and level Theft in Starfield is the Novablast Disruptor. There are two ways players can get this weapon. One, the Va’Ruun Zealots tend to drop this weapon a lot. These enemy types can be found aboard starships, star stations, Abandoned Cyro Labs, and Mineral Plants on various planets.

The second way to get the Novablast Disruptor is by reaching level 14 and purchasing the weapon from the Arboron shop in the Ryujin Tower lobby. Players can find this location in Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii Star System.

All Theft Leveling Requirements and Rewards

As you progress to rank 4 for the Theft skill in Starfield, you’ll earn a higher success rate when pickpocketing enemies and characters. Below you can find all the requirements and rewards for each rank for the Theft skill.

  • Rank 1: Unlock the ability to pickpocket targets (spend 1 skill point in the Social tree).
  • Rank 2: 10% greater chance to successfully pickpocket (Successfully pickpocket 5 times).
  • Rank 3: 30% greater chance to successfully pickpocket (Successfully pickpocket 10 times).
  • Rank 4: 50% greater chance to successfully pickpocket. Can now pickpocket holstered weapons (Successfully pickpocket 20 times).

That last one is my favorite, being able to pickpock holstered weapons. Doing so can potentially get you some of the strongest weapons in the game by taking them from high-level characters right under their nose.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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