Starfield Titanium Locations: Best Planets & Vendors for Titanium

Check out the best planets and vendors to get Titanium in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
Best Places to Get Titanium in Starfield
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Some resources are tough to come by in Starfield, and Titanium is one of them. You may want to farm this rare resource due to its capabilities of improving outposts and research purposes. The good news is that a handful of planets and vendors generally have a good amount of Titanium. Here are the best locations to get Titanium in Starfield.

Best Planets for Titanium in Starfield

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Three planets have a high amount of Titanium in Starfield, making them perfect locations to farm this rare resource. The three planets are Pluto, Titan, and Vega II-b. Check below to find out exactly where you can find these planets.

  • Pluto – Sol System.
  • Titan – Jupiter’s Moon in the Sol System.
  • Vega II-b – Vega System, north of Norion.

When you reach these locations, you will want to build an outpost designed to mine resources. The reason you need an outpost is due to the fact that Titanium can’t be mined by using the Cutter. Since these planets are very hazardous areas, you’ll need to unlock the Planetary Habitation Skill, which allows you to build outposts in dangerous environments.

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Starfield Titanium Vendor Locations

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If you are in the early game and can’t unlock the Planetary Habitation skill for farming Titanium on planets, you can purchase the rare resource from vendors instead. While there is a chance for any vendor to have Titanium in their inventory, a handful have it in stock more frequently. Check out the recommended vendors below.

  • UC Distribution Center – Commercial District in New Atlantis
  • Jemison Mercantile – Next to the Spaceport in New Atlantis
  • Shepherds General Store – Akila City
  • Cydonia Trade Authority – Mars

If you visit these vendors and they don’t have Titanium in the inventory, then make sure to wait for 48 in-game local hours by sleeping in a bed or sitting in a chair. Waiting this long will restock the vendor’s inventory, possibly adding Titanium. This is also a great way to farm, where you can purchase all the Titanium in stock, wait 48 hours, and purchase all the Titanium again!

All Recipes That Require Titanium in Starfield

Titanium is one of the resources that you will find most common in crafting recipes. If you plan on using the weapon or spacesuit workbench and the research lab, you’ll want to have Titanium on deck at all times. Below we have created a grid for all recipes on each workbench and research lab that require Titanium.

Research LabSpacesuit WorkbenchWeapon Workbench
Magazine and Battery Mods 1
Muzzle Mods 1
Receiver Mods 1
Helmet Mods 2
Spacesuit Mods 2
Robots 2
Outpost Defense 1
Explosive Shielding
Exo Servos
Burst Fire
Drum Magazine
Flechette Drum Magazine
Folding Stock
Fully Automatic
High Powered
High Velocity
Muzzle Brake
Short Scope
Stealth Lasers
Tactical Folding Stock
Tactical Grip
Tactical Shock
Bullet Hose
Fluted Barrel
Extra Large Magazine
Shock Charge Bad

At the time of writing, these are all the known recipes that require Titanium, although there may be more. Regardless, going to the planets and vendors mentioned in this guide will help you craft everything in the grid. Add the appropriate hab to your starship to craft items and mods easily.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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