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Tell Me Why Chapter 3 – How to Get Into the Garage Loft or Attic

And find the secrets inside

by Kyle Hanson


As you get closer and closer to the end of Tell Me Why Chapter 3 you can almost feel the answers that await you. You’ve solved so many puzzles and answered so many questions about Alyson and Tyler’s past, but the biggest await you in the garage (or barn, depending on what you call it). The twins have figured out that there’s a secret loft (or attic) in there, but before you can reach it and gather its informative treasure you have to figure out how to unlock and access it. Here’s how to get into the garage loft in Tell Me Why Chapter 3.

How to Get into the Garage Loft

The first step to unlocking and accessing the hidden garage loft is to figure out how the door works. There’s a switch near the main garage entrance, but it won’t appear until you view the picture that Alyson is holding. Walk over to her and check out the picture so the twins discuss the handle near the door. Then just walk back over and you should see the interactive node there. Use it and the door will open, but it’s a bit too high and nobody wants to touch their sister’s shoes so lifting is not an option.

Instead just head back into the workroom to the side of the garage and you’ll see a ladder sitting there. Use it and after a cutscene Tyler and Alyson will climb up into the hidden loft where the rest of the story is ready to be revealed. Once there you’ll likely find an even tougher puzzle to solve, a few in fact, so be sure to check out our walkthrough if you need any help.

But that’s how to get into the garage loft in Tell Me Why Chapter 3. Hopefully you’re ready for the answers you find in there.

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