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Tell Me Why Chapter 3 – Garage Loft Puzzle Solutions, How to Open the Box

All the answers are a few puzzles away

by Kyle Hanson


Your journey across Delos Crossing has brought you to many places, but the most important was nearby the whole time. The garage or barn has held many secrets throughout the first two chapters, but its biggest was saved for the finale. Once you get into the loft (or attic) you find a collection of various puzzles waiting for you to solve. Unlike some of the previous puzzles in the game, you can’t just skip these ones. So to help out here’s how to open the box in the garageloft using these puzzle solutions.

How to Open the Box

Before we spoil anything we always try to give some hints for what to do to figure out the puzzle solutions yourself. If you’d rather just know the answers you can skip ahead. But if you want to solve them here’s some tips for how to open the box, breaking down the concepts that help explain the puzzles contained in the garage loft.

In short, you need to find the three symbols to open the box, but they are hidden behind three additional puzzles in theloft. These all fit with previous puzzles in Tell Me Why where you are reading a story from the Book of Goblins and applying it to what’s in front of you. However, this shifts after the first to where you are instead using the info gained after finishing the previous puzzle. To find the first story you use, just keep reading through the garage loft puzzle solutions below.

Garage Loft Puzzle Solutions

Here are the full solutions to each puzzle found within the garage’s hidden loft. We’ve also included the symbols needed to open the box at the end, which you can use if you’d like but the story elements of the puzzles are important as well. Even if you don’t want to solve them yourself, you should go through each puzzle before opening the box.

The Goblins Trick the Mad Hunter – For this one it’s just about finding differences in the art of the book and on the wall. To complete it just interact with the title, the castle, the hand, the princess, and the central bush. This will open a small door, revealing one symbol used to open the box and offering more backstory of Mary-Ann’s life. You’ll want to read through it as it contains the solution to the next puzzle.

Her cruel parents kept her locked away in their musty palace – Using the items and info found in the previous puzzle you can solve this one pretty easily. You just need to interact with where you want the “gold lady” to go on each level. Just use the following: bird (2nd from left), dancer (far left), light bulb (far right), and the painter (second from right). This will open another box containing info for the next puzzle.

One day she took her tiara and ran way to the forest – For this one you’re walking through the series of events that brought Mary-Ann to Delos Crossing. To solve it just select the castle, the flowers, the clock, the cabin, and finally the central dinner table. This will open the last box necessary to open the box.

The loft box combination ends up being l, e, and o. There are more puzzles and boxes to discover in here if you’d like, but none are required to proceed. These go back to using the stories from the Book of Goblins. Since those are optional, you’ll have to figure them out yourself for now, but let us know if you need assistance and we’ll break them down as well. Just follow the stories and it should be simple enough.

Hopefully that all helps explain how to open the box in the garageloft using these puzzle solutions.

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