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Tell Me Why Episode 1 Collectibles Guide

An easy guide to all five collectibles.

by Abdul Saad


Tell Me Why is the latest narrative-focused adventure game from the developers of Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment, which focuses on two siblings Tyler and Alyson, as they explore their memories throughout the game. While following the story, players will also encounter multiple collectibles in the game. With Episode 1 finally out, I’ll be giving an extensive guide on how to find each of these collectibles.

The Crafty Goblins

This collectible is found in the first chapter of the game titled “Long Time No See,” it is also a story based collectible so to progress, you will have to collect it. The first of the goblins is found by Alyson in a small box underneath her bed. The second can be picked up by Tyler on his desk.

The Mad Hunter

The second collectible can be found in the chapter “A Big Wooden House,” while the twins try to search for a way into their old house. After you obtain the screwdriver, which you’ll use to unscrew the wooden planks blocking the crawlspace underneath the house, you’ll need to take a left and walk all the way to a dead-end, then take another left and you’ll see an opening to your right. Go through it, and on your right will be The Mad Hunter lying on the ground.

The Wise Princess

In the same chapter as the last collectible, inside the Ronan house, while exploring the twins’ shared memories, make your way to Mary-Ann’s bedroom, and you’ll see The Wise Princess collectible on the floor to the right of the bed.

The Pious Pelican

This collectible can be found in the chapter, “Rashomon.” After purchasing groceries, Tessa will arrive and you’ll have a conversation with her. Once the conversation ends to make your way into her office. To the left of the desk in her office is a cabinet with the Pious Pelican sitting on top of a cardboard box next to a green book.

The Ice King

This collectible is found in the final chapter, “To Serve and Protect.” After a while, you’ll gain access to the break room with Officer Brown’s key. After getting some coffee, you’ll then gain access to the interrogation room. Go inside, and all the way to the back of the room you’ll see a blue cabinet. Behind that and on the floor is The Ice King waiting to be collected.

That’s all five collectibles available in the first episode of Tell Me Why. By following this guide, you should be able to find all of them in no time.

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