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Tell Me Why Chapter 1 – How to Get into the House

What to do to get inside

by Kyle Hanson


At its core Tell Me Why is a game about a house. Sure, it’s also about the people that lived in that house, their friends and family, and how they have all hurt and lied to each other over the years. But it’s also about the house itself and the puzzles it contains. The first puzzle offered isn’t even inside though, instead it’s all about getting there. Here’s how to get into the house in Tell Me Why.

How to Get Into the House

The front door is locked tight, so you’ll need to find an alternative way in. The answer lies toward the very back of the house and underneath, with a crawlspace covered by some loose boards. Just head back there to see it and interact with the boards to prompt the next stage of this puzzle. Tyler and/or Alyson can try to pry the boards off, but they’re pretty secure, so you need a tool.

Head to the garage, to the far window to find the next answer, which is one of the tools left behind by your mother. Of course, you can’t just grab the tool (a screwdriver), there’s more work to do first. Looking into the window will trigger some memories the twins share, follow these around the garage and toward the frog statues to find the garage key. It’s inside the middle frog, which is the answer to the riddle about seeing, hearing, and speaking no evil.

Once you have the key just head to the front of the garage and in through the door, inside you can pick up the screwdriver. Take it back to the boards behind the house and you can get them off quickly and easily. Head in and follow the path toward the inner area of the house. And that’s how to get into the house in Tell Me Why.

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