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Tell Me Why- Episode 2 Collectibles Guide

Collect them all

by Abdul Saad


Tell Me Why is the latest narrative-focused adventure game from the developers of Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment, which focuses on two siblings Tyler and Alyson, as they explore their memories throughout the game. The second chapter is finally out, and with that, a new set of five collectibles to find. I’ll be providing an extensive guide on how to find each of these collectibles yet again.

The Big Frog

This collectible is found in the first chapter of the second episode “Ahoy Goblins!” While cleaning the Ronan house as Alyson, go past the kitchen in a space next to the living room where you’ll see a wooden chair. Alyson can look under the table beside the chair where The Big Frog will be at the bottom ready to collect.

The Stalwart Moose

The second collectible can be found in the chapter “Cold Case.” While searching Eddy’s office in the police station, The Stalwart Moose can be found in his desk drawer.

The Mangy Muskrat

This collectible can be found in the chapter “Plushy Fight!” While playing as Tyler, in Tessa’s shop, make your way to the break room before taking on Michael’s tasks where there’ll be a cabinet with a framed picture on top. Right next to the picture is The Mangy Muskrat waiting for you to grab it.

The Very Old Beaver

The fourth collectible can be found in the chapter “Last Rites” while in the cemetery as Tyler, after finding the first gravestone move to the next part of the area and take a left at the first forked path towards the totem pole. Continue down the path and you’ll see another tombstone with a keepsake box behind it. The Very Old Beaver can be found inside the box.

The Moon Hag

The last collectible can be found in the final chapter “Scorched Earth.” This collectible is quite easy to spot. After putting out the fire in the barn, make your way to the storage room nearby and search one of the cabinets to find The Moon Hag sitting there.

If you’ve followed this guide accordingly, you should have easily found all the collectibles in the second episode of Tell Me Why.

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